Wings House: Doraville

posted on April 7, 2010 at 8:25 am

I blame Moon for my wings addiction. Ever since we discovered Jamal’s, we fall back on the tiny wing shack for lazy dinners. Like any good fiends, we stalked Wings House each time we were at the new Super H Mart in Doraville. Moon Junior and I finally stopped in for a quick lunch before doing some grocery shopping last weekend. She got the lemon pepper and I got a mix of ranch powder and spicy buffalo wings.
The wings were spectacular. The chicken and oil was super fresh, and they fried the wings–which were the perfect size–to a wonderful crisp. The ranch powder style wings were a revelation. Dry, but kind of creamy due to the ranch seasoning. I want some now. My only complaint was the meager serving of celery and carrots. I’d like to see them throw a few more pieces in the orders.

Our meals came with an abundance of french fries, which were good for frozen. And I loved the seasoning options. We went with the “magic dust.”
Verdict: Damn good wings worth a stop if you are in the area. I would even consider making a trip from downtown for an order. Yeah, I liked them that much.


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  • Re: Wings House: Doraville
    posted by: bongo · April 7, 2010  11:56 AM

    Which Super H? The new one?

  • Re: Wings House: Doraville
    posted by: bongo · April 7, 2010  12:02 PM

    Never mind, I just remembered, that wing joint across
    the lot from the new one. Thanks for the tip.

  • Re: Wings House: Doraville
    posted by: Min · April 7, 2010  7:37 PM

    Full disclosure I am the owner of Wings House. I’d like to thank you for stopping by recently. I now know who you are, i remember your visit lol. Thank you for the very complimentary review! Regarding your one small complaint feel free to ask me for extra celery or carrots and i am happy to do so. Often times its difficult to determine how much people actually use and enjoy the veggies. Please stop on by again look forward to seeing you.



  • Re: Wings House: Doraville
    posted by: brian · December 14, 2012  11:46 PM

    I went to WingHouse for the first time tonight. I was told from co-workers the wings were small but good. Guess what, they were small but really really good. Much better that wing factory up the road and much better priced. I’m about to call and see what time they close, think i will pick up a 50pc to take home, the family loves wings especially when they are done(no red bones)!

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