Tortas Factory del D.F. brings Mexico City-style tacos and sandwiches to Buford Highway

posted on February 13, 2018 at 9:40 am

Photograph by Jennifer Zyman.

When I saw Tortas Factory del D.F., I immediately turned into the parking lot even though I had lunch plans at a Korean restaurant just up the road. It was the initials that caught my attention: D.F. stands for Distrito Federal, Mexico City’s former name. My family is from Mexico City, and memories of al pastor tacos flooded my head.

Sure enough, the restaurant is owned by a family from Mexico City, and though the place has “tortas” in its name, it offers everything from sopes (a round disc of masa topped with beans, cheese, shredded lettuce, and crema Mexicana) to enchiladas to enormous meat and cheese filled quesadillas. And just like in D.F., you’ll find al pastor (marinated pork) cooked on a trompo (the revolving spit like you see at shawarma place). Unlike some taquerias that only break out the trompo on the weekends or special occasions, Tortas Factory intends to have it up and running every day. You can eat the shaved, bright red pork in tacos or a sandwich.

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