Piola: Midtown

posted on October 1, 2010 at 9:17 am


I first went to Piola’s new Atlanta location (it’s an Italy-based chain of restaurants) with some friends shortly after it opened. The place immediately reminded of the numerous such pizzerias that populate South Beach’s Lincoln Road; restaurants where well-heeled Eurotrash go to hang out while scoping out the local talent. Since I have spent my share of time at such restaurants when visiting my family (does that make me Eurotrash?), I found Piola endearingly familiar. It’s the kind of place you go for something specific: decent pizza, salads, pastas, and other Italian dishes. Moon and I normally end up going there before concerts at the Fox when we don’t want to deal with the crowds at places closer to the venue. It’s not pricey and the pizza menu is HUGE with many different styles.

I normally get a pizza and a salad. I’ve tried a lot of pizzas and they are pretty fun flavor combinations. This is a carbonara version we had recently:


Like I said, the pizza is nothing amazing, but the food is consistent. Another thing I like about the place is the bar culture.

Piola: Midtown

They serve a great sangria (if you don’t mind yours a little sweet) and they serve unlimited free snacks for you to nibble on while you drink.

Piola: Midtown

Free mini-pizzas

Verdict: As long as your keep your expectations in check, Piola won’t disappoint. Go for the pizza and European atmosphere. Pizza snobs need not apply.

Tip: Every 29th of the month is Lucky Gnocchi day at Piola where it’s all you can eat homemade gnocchi. A little background on the long-standing Italian tradition from Piola’s website: “The story begins with a missionary arriving in a small village in Italy on the 29th of an unknown month. He arrived upon a very poor house asking for food. He was welcomed to their house and was offered the only thing they had on the table, “Gnocchi”. The missionary was very thankful for their warm reception and wonderful food. Soon after the missionary left the house, the poor family found some gold coins right under their Gnocchi plate… 
Since then the “Lucky Gnocchi Legend” has gained recognition all over the world. Families gather together every 29th of the month and enjoy Gnocchi in order to have luck and prosperity in their lives.”

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  • Re: Piola: Midtown
    posted by: whisk away nic · October 1, 2010  9:27 AM

    My sentiments exactly about Piola! But I have had the pleasure of getting to know the manager Gabrielle, a real Italian. This is a stellar happy hour spot, free snacks at the bar every single day, just like it is done in Italy.

  • Re: Piola: Midtown
    posted by: mike · October 1, 2010  11:59 AM

    Love the Piola happy hour. If I were in my twenties and lived in this ’hood, I would never cook again. And when we were there, it looked like there were a lot of regulars who fit that profile.

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