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posted on February 27, 2011 at 7:01 pm

As you can probably tell, I have not been eating out a lot in recent months. I got on the scale around Thanksgiving and was not so blissful about the numbers that popped up. That “oh shit, I have really let myself go” moment, a period of some scarily bad acid reflux, and really wanting to stay avoid becoming plus-sized have caused me to embark on a mission for balance. This (shudder) diet is new to me as I am actually losing the weight–ten pounds so far!–the healthy way. You know, moderation, exercise, and some structure in the form of Weight Watchers Online–an amazing tool whether you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds. I am sure many of you aren’t too happy about the lack of posts, but my health comes first. Even gluttons need to take a mini-break after 6 years of obsessively blogging about food.

Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I have a few bits and bytes for you…

I went by Te Wei Chinese Kabobs for lunch the other day after seeing Eat Buford Highway’s post and it was so good I decided it deserved a full article in Creative Loafing. Check out the paper in a couple of weeks for the full story.
Te Wei Chinese Kabobs on Urbanspoon
If you are a fan of bubble tea, you must try Quickly next door.
Their teas are exceptional and the small restaurant even serves small bites like fried chicken bites and squid balls. Cash only.
Quickly on Urbanspoon

Moon spotted a new Mexican restaurant next to Little Szechuan that looks very promising. It’s called El Chisme.
I spoke to the owners who told me they are from Mexico City, the same place my family is from. The menu has lots of classic dishes as well as items you normally find in D.F. I was super excited to see this sign on the door indicating they serve Mexican breakfast with handmade tortillas.

In other news, Guy Wong of Miso Izakaya wrote me a couple of weeks ago to let me know a new ramen and tonkastu place called Raku has opened in the same shopping center as the Super H Mart on Pleasant Hill. I will definitely be getting there soon as soon as they have had time to settle in.
Raku Tonkatsu + Ramen on Urbanspoon

Moon took me for an early Valentine’s Day dinner to Sushi House Hayakawa, a place I have always loved, but seldom visit for some reason. IMG_1178
The fish was impeccable as well as the service. I still consider it to be the best sushi in Atlanta.
Sushi House Hayakawa on Urbanspoon

Goldberg’s has opened a new location in the Toco Hills Shopping Center–the same one that’s home to Bagel Palace. I think Bagel Palace is just awful and honestly don’t consider Godlberg’s to be a suitable replacement for New York deli, but it’s close to our house so I can imagine us visiting soon. I’m sure it will get a lot of business from my alma mater, Emory.
Goldberg's Bagel Company & Deli on Urbanspoon

In a non-food, but semi-related note, I found a new Buford Highway Foot Massage place that has become my new favorite.
The prices at Treat your feet are a little higher than other spots, but the difference is worth it. It’s located kind of across the street from Karaoke Melody. Here’s a glance at the prices and super comfy over-sized black velvet armchairs.
Still cheaper than most massage places.

Yummy chairs.

I finally made it over to Peter Chang’s/Cheng’s for lunch this week. I’ll have a full report with photos later in the week and also hope to have the last installment of my Venice trip up by next Sunday. Stay tuned…

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  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: Nice! · February 27, 2011  9:14 PM

    Yeah, being plus-sized is super gross. Probably none of your readers are plus-sized women since you write about food. Ohhh wait. Thanks for letting us know how you feel!

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: blissfulglutton · February 27, 2011  9:26 PM

    I am sorry if you took it to mean i have something against plus-sized people. However, for someone of my short stature, being plus-sized would have negative effects on my health and quality of life if I’ve learned anything from my experiences in the past year. I never want to feel that way again. Again, sorry if you took it personally.

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: foodnearsnellville · February 28, 2011  3:03 PM

    Best of luck on the diet! They aren’t easy, but they are rewarding.

    Te Wei looks intriguing.


  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: blissfulglutton · February 28, 2011  5:08 PM

    Thanks, FnS! And congrats on your weight loss too! It’s hard, but definitely worth it. We still haven’t met. Hoping to remedy that soon.

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: atlfoodsnob · February 28, 2011  11:26 PM

    Agreed about Hayakawa; I had my first taste last week, but not for free and I’m still hooked!

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: Laura · March 1, 2011  12:35 AM

    El Chisme sounds fantastic! I wish I could get up early enough to have breakfast on Buford Hwy.

    Can’t wait to read the last Italy post. You have me itching to go back ASAP.

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: BuHi · March 3, 2011  11:10 PM

    Tnx for the link. I stopped by El Chisme (in the old El Pastor location) a while back. The resto was open, but there was no one in there. No one – not even employees. Not a very good sign. I kind of miss El Pastor – the frijoles charros were really tasty…

  • Re: Nibbles and newsy bits
    posted by: foodnearsnellville · March 8, 2011  1:45 PM

    Thx for the suggestion we meet. Been pondering way too long on a reply, but yes, I’m interested.

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