New kid on the block: Coco’s Chinese Restaurant

posted on October 27, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Coco's Chinese restaurant: Buford Hughway

Another dreary, rainy day had me craving some comfort in the form of Chef Liu’s sesame paste noodles and pork dumplings. However, I stopped short (read: almost caused a major accident) when I saw my beloved and sadly departed Wan Lai had been replaced by a new spot: Coco’s Chinese restaurant (4897 Buford Highway, Suite 104
Chamblee, GA 30341). Coco’s serves Cantonese cuisine and has many of the same dishes–such as casserole rice–as Wan Lai, but they are unaffiliated. The interior feels much warmer than Wan Lai did for some reason. Maybe it’s the fish tank? Who knows. Since I was flying solo, I only ordered two dishes: beef chow fun and garlic snow pea shoots.

Coco's Chinese restaurant: Buford Hughway
The chow fun was good. The kitchen uses very wide noodles and the dish has a pleasant amount of grease. I do, however, wish they’d use more black beans and tenderize the meat a bit more. It was still very flavorful.

Coco's Chinese restaurant: Buford Hughway
The garlic snow pea shoots were great. Not overcooked, super fresh, and a generous portion.

The interior is littered with pictures of Americanized dishes, but it seems there are more treasure worth discovering given this awesome looking poster on the door.
Coco's Chinese restaurant: Buford Hughway
Stay tuned for more on the blog and a full review in a couple of weeks (they’ve only been open two) in Creative Loafing.

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