Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward

posted on June 28, 2010 at 9:50 am


I went to Miso Izakaya twice after it opened. I can’t sugarcoat the experience with niceties because it just plain sucked. The fact that they didn’t have their liquor license forever only compounded my frustration with the new restaurant. So, I chose to hold off writing a review. I can’t say it was out of fairness. My reticence was more about hope. The place had to improve. Intown needs a decent Japanese restaurant that isn’t an overpriced sushi spot or bastardized noodle shop. After hearing murmurings that Miso was better–good even–I dragged Moon for dinner one Saturday night not too long ago. Every seat was taken. The room felt alive…fun.


The drink menu–especially the shochu heavy section–is phenomenal. Love that they have stuff like Hi-sour you can use as a mixer or just drink straight up.


Gorgeous gyoza: This was a true surprise. I don’t know if they make the dumplings fresh or what, but they tasted homemade. I love it when a dumpling skin melts in your mouth. I bogarted these like any good dumpling fiend.


Marinated and grilled squid with Japanese mayo. Love this. The squid was super tender.


Tonkatsu sandwich: This brought back fond memories of quickie lunches in Tokyo. The pork was still juicy and the coating crisp without any traces of oil. There’s a little dab of tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage inside as well. Very good.


Nobody in town makes Chinese buns right. Seriously. They are always woefully heavy without the requisite pouf. Color me happy when I bit into this duck bun. It was so good, we ordered another round. The pork is good, but the duck is better. Can’t wait to explore the bun section more thoroughly.


The only disappointment of the meal: an assortment of sushi. It was watery and lacking any real flavor. You know the sushi is no good when I leave uni and toro on the plate. What a waste of tummy space and money.


My favorite dish of the meal: A soy-poached egg served over a crispy rice cake. Swoon-worthy.

Verdict: Miso is much much improved. The extensive drink menu and wide assortment of delicious dishes are good reasons to go to this energetic intown Japanese fusion spot. Just stay away from the sushi. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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  • Re: Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward
    posted by: Molly S. · June 28, 2010  9:58 AM

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Miso Izakya, too. Your pictures and descriptions are drool worthy. Can’t wait to give it another spin!

  • Re: Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward
    posted by: Carrie B · June 28, 2010  10:49 AM

    Thanks for this, have been wanting to give them another try as well, will get over there stat!

  • Re: Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward
    posted by: nathan b · June 29, 2010  4:33 PM

    indeed, the pictures are droolworthy, esp. the duck buns–yum! i live very nearby but have been warned not to go for those specific reasons–no liquor, bad sushi. now that they have their license and there are other things besides the sushi, i’m game. thanks for the awesome writeup!

  • Re: Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward
    posted by: Lisa Hanson · July 13, 2010  8:25 AM

    I think they should drop the sushi altogether. They have so many better offerings.
    But I suppose many people expect it.
    Glad you guys went back!

  • Re: Miso Izakya: Edgewood/Fourth Ward
    posted by: nathan b · July 14, 2010  12:49 AM

    okay so i went back and tried the duck buns (w0w) gyoza (very tasty), rock n roll (eh) and tuna tartare (don’t). also had the basil lemonade made with old tom’s gin (the basil balanced surprisingly coolly with the gin botanicals).

    like the sushi at sushi haru (3589 Atlanta Rd SE 30080 ) SO much better, it’s worth the 17 mi drive

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