Meet my newest obsession…

posted on May 30, 2010 at 10:53 am

…my rooftop garden.

I’ve always wanted a garden, but living in the middle of Castleberry Hill means I have no earth to grow in. After years of jealously pining after my friends’ gardens,  I broke down and decided to plant one on my roof. I did loads of research on container gardening and decided to go with Earthboxes. I am so happy I did! The planters are self-watering and pretty much fool-proof if you follow the instructions. There is a great forum where you can discuss your efforts and follow the progress of other urban gardeners (like this amazing rooftop garden in Chicago).

I started with three, but the lure of the Earthbox is too strong to resist. I now have six Earthboxes all started from seedlings, two Topsy Turvy planters (because I was curious), and a couple of other containers that hold my ichiban eggplant plants and a blueberry bush. Moon is having a good time teasing me about my new obsession. But, hey, there are worse obsessions. Right? There is something so calming about tending to my garden and I can’t wait to see what happens. I planted 2 weeks ago and am happy to report everything is thriving. Here’s the lay of the “land” as of today:

Herbs (cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, garlic chives, and parsley).

Early girl tomatoes (starting to see some color on this one).

Zucchini and squash planter.

Loads of blossoms!

First eggplant about to pop out.

Cucumbers and watermelon (spotted my first baby cuke and watermelon this morning).

My Topsy Turvy tomato plant (this has blown up in such a short time from a little six inch seedling). There are a bunch of blossoms already.

My Topsy Turvy strawberry planter (just planted this a few days ago).

Mother’s little helper–he loves to keep me company up there.

Not pictured: the planter with two varieties of heirloom tomatoes and the other with string beans and okra, which I just planted yesterday.

Now, only if the City of Atlanta offered incentives for urban gardening like so many other cities

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  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Chris · May 30, 2010  10:57 AM

    Wow! I am so jealous (in a good way!) Looks beautiful and fun. A garden like this brings city living to a while other, fabulous level. 🙂 I can’t wait until I settle in somewhere for good so I can start a garden again.

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Lynn @LynnATL · May 30, 2010  11:58 AM

    What an incredible garden. The basic structure for my raised bed was put in this week. Tomorrow is soil and planting day. Can’t wait. Please keep us posted on your experience with the topsy turvy harvest. I’m thinking about growing herbs in my kitchen using that method.

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Tina · May 30, 2010  2:54 PM

    I love your garden! I’ve always wanted to have a garden of my own. When I finally purchase a home of my own, that will be one of the first things I work on!

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Jane · June 1, 2010  12:39 PM

    Went and looked at the Earthbox website, but wow, those are expensive! I’m using a kiddie plastic wading pool for my squash, windowboxes for my snowpeas, and $5 plastic pots for peppers and tomatoes. Take a look at my blog and see the cheap version of container planting. 😉

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: sara · June 2, 2010  5:30 PM

    Love your blog, and this is the first time I’ve left a comment… I too am slightly obsessed with my earthboxes. I live in a condo and have a similar lack-of-garden-space issue. It’s incredible how quickly it all grows- I’m so excited about all my veggies! My dad got me hooked last year, and now I can’t believe how quickly I’m obsessed. Yes…… the lure of the earthbox is so strong, I know exactly what you mean. Good luck, it’s so fun!

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Nathan B · June 16, 2010  12:15 PM

    always wondered how well those topsy turvies worked–looks pretty great!

  • Re: Meet my newest obsession…
    posted by: Ann Dunaway Teh · June 22, 2010  11:30 AM

    I had a real garden last year but decided for a variety of reasons to stick with a container garden this year. And it isn’t going so well – my plants are taking forever to grow. I don’t have the greenest of thumbs! I’ll have to check out the earthboxes.

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