I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)

posted on October 29, 2009 at 5:00 am

My dearest readers,

By now, you are well aware of my burger obsession. I can’t explain it, but I just love me some burgers. And there is little else–except fantabulous Chinese noodles–that can get me as hot and bothered as a good burger. I’m not big on filler (cheese and beef only please), which is why I got so giddy over Holeman’s burger when they opened. I went to lunch with my good friend, neighbor and bon vivant, Jonathan Baker (the editor of Citysearch Atlanta among numerous other titles) at Bocado (887 Howell Mill Road, 30318. 404-815-1399. the other day. Amidst the list of interesting sandwiches and sides on the menu, my eyes zeroed in on the “burger stack.” So, I ordered one just to check it out. Sweet baby Jesus Christo. That burger. That burger. It is still haunting me days after. Yes, it was THAT GOOD.
Bocado: Westside

As you can see the burger closely resembles the H&F burger–note the double patties, American cheese and homemade pickles. Bocado is even using the same bun, which H&F bakery sells to many restaurants around Atlanta. They butter it, toast it and top it with two freshly ground patties made from three cuts of beef. This thing is epic. Epic, people! And I love that you can get it at lunch or dinner.

Another thing I appreciated about the burger was the portion size. It wasn’t some unmanageable monstrosity. Instead, it was just enough for my greedy little mouth to devour in mere seconds. I think I may have given Jonathan one bite before I inhaled the rest. I want one NOW, but my last dress fitting is next week (the wedding is next month) and my diet has to stay clean. Blargh.

More to come on Bocado at a later date. But my initial experience was incredibly positive and I’ve got a good feeling about this place. Dinner’s next.

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  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Chip Shoulder · October 29, 2009  6:44 AM

    but, but, but…Foodie Buddha says Bocado is infuriating and horrendous. Just listen to what he says about the shrimp and grits:
    “The shrimp and grits had potential, but ultimately feel [sic] flat. . . . the shrimp were overcooked and the white-wine Tabasco sauce was far to [sic] meak [sic] to drive me home. While many my [sic] find the muted inclusion of the Tabasco [sic], it was far too reserved.”
    A dish with sauce that was far to meak and feels flat? Sounds simplie awefull. The only redeeming thing about this place is that a “distinct sweetness arouse [sic] from each bite [of chicken liver].”

    You may want to make a return visit before posting your opinion. As you know, when your blog could influence which restaurants people support with their hard-earned money, you just can't be to careful.

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Anonymous · October 29, 2009  6:51 AM

    why waist our tyme getting exsorsized about foodybuttah?


    To me, you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great becoming but you recognize nothing. You are an ant in the afterbirth. Before me you rightly tremble. But you owe me more than fear. YOU OWE ME AWE.
    let him poste to his heart's kontent. no one is lissening anyway.

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Darcey · October 29, 2009  9:12 AM

    I'm lucky to live & work close to Bocado, which we visited last week for lunch. I had a cup of the tomato bisque and the ham & cheese w/ caramalized onions sandwich, which was so delicious. And the homemade pickles were the perfect addition to the sandwich.

    So glad we have another sandwich place to go to in the area besides Star Provisions!

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Writer's To-Do List · October 29, 2009  9:39 AM

    When you fall you fall hard BUT I trust your food infatuations completely ! ("Sweet baby Jesus Christo"…big smile)

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Sean · October 29, 2009  11:57 AM

    hahahaha dude quoted Ted. I mean foodiebuddha. shits priceless.

    burger's got me curious. hrmmm…. thanks for the report BG.

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Brad · October 29, 2009  3:53 PM

    We went to a FABULOUS wine tasting last monday hosted by Hop City at Bocado – five tastes – white bean fennel salad – crab fritters with asian slaw – braised veal cheek with risotto – oyster stew with potato puree – warm chocolate cake with rootbeer ganache – all the flavors were spot on! they were paired with & wines that generously poured. LOVED it! Can't say enough good things about Bocado or Hop Citys wine tastings – They are only $20 and you get $5 off anything you buy that you tasted -INSANE!

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: hopeless foodie · October 29, 2009  5:51 PM

    Oh, I do love a good burger (I live for burgers and sushi). Looks like I'll be adding Bocado's on my list of burgers to check out-and I still haven't tried H&F yet!

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: K-Dogg · October 30, 2009  5:14 AM

    Anyone worried that H&F Bread Company will stop selling their buns to Bocado if their burgers start stealing away business from H&F? :/

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: pandasandcupcakes · October 30, 2009  6:03 AM

    I don't care that it's just now 10am or that for dinner last night I ate a burger, I will take one of those right NOW.

  • Re: I fell in love with a burger (at Bocado)
    posted by: Sean · October 30, 2009  7:17 AM

    I just had the Bocado burger last night. HF has nothing to worry about. and actually it didn't seem like an HF bun, if that's in fact what it was supposed to be. To me burger wasn't that good. Grindhouse maybe a smidge better. HF still reigns in my book.

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