Haru Ichiban: Duluth

posted on March 23, 2010 at 8:00 am

I first visited Haru Ichiban a long time ago when John Kessler reviewed it for the AJC. I only had sushi, which was just as good as Kessler reported.

I hadn’t been back in a while and kept meaning to return for the ramen, which many of my readers said was amazing.

One Saturday afternoon, my friends and I were jonesing for some sushi. Many of my favorite (and affordable) spots were closed. We’d almost given up hope until I remembered Haru was open for lunch AND they serve ramen.

We started out with some uni, which was some of the freshest, creamiest and tastiest uni I’ve eaten in recent memory.

Since we were celebrating Moon’s brother’s birthday, we splurged on a platter of sashimi even though we’d already ordered ramen. All of the fish was pristine and served at the perfect temperature—my favorites were the giant clam and conch. We also got some maki rolls made with natto (fermented soy beans), oshinko (pickles), and ume (plum).

When our ramen finally arrived, we were incredibly stuffed. But a good glutton doesn’t let ramen go to waste. Three of us got the special ramen with tonkotsu broth, a poached egg, pork, and many types of seaweed.

It was quite good. I give it a B+ overall only because the pork was a bit dry and the seaweed overwhelmed the delicate, yet lovely, broth. Our fourth tablemate, the birthday boy, got the tonkotsu broth with fried chicken in it. He loved it. I just wish we had eaten less sashimi so we could have eaten more of the ramen because it was that good.


Verdict: A great ramen spot with stellar sushi. There are loads of other dishes I still need to try, but I want to dig into some more of that ramen first. I would put the broth second under my beloved Yakitori Jinbei.

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  • Re: Haru Ichiban: Duluth
    posted by: foodnearsnellville · March 30, 2010  11:42 AM

    I only have two words to describe this review:

    Thank you.

    Because Haru don’ get no respect.


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