Food Finds: Super H Mart Korean barbecue

posted on June 17, 2010 at 10:23 am

There’s something so soul-satisfying about Korean barbecue when you’ve got that I-want-meat-now craving. Trekking to Buford Highway or Duluth at the end of a treacherous workday? Not so satisfying.However, transforming your home into your very own Korean restaurant is not as difficult as you may think. The Korean megachain Super H Mart ( sells an impressive assortment of premarinated meats you can cook at home. Choices include pork marinated in a bright-red spicy sauce, chicken marinated in the same spicy sauce if swine isn’t your thing, and thinly sliced, slightly sweet bulgogi beef redolent with sesame oil and soy. While most Korean barbecue is done on a tabletop grill/griddle — which they do sell at Super H — I suggest cooking the meats on your charcoal grill in some sort of metal basket so the meat doesn’t fall through the grates. A cast-iron pan or wok is another easy option that renders the meat nice and caramelized. Just don’t let it cook too long or you’ll end up with Korean shoe leather.

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  • Re: Food Finds: Super H Mart Korean barbecue
    posted by: Pika · June 17, 2010  10:41 AM

    Bulgogi marinade is so easy to make I’ve never understood why people would buy it pre-made.

  • Re: Food Finds: Super H Mart Korean barbecue
    posted by: Maria · June 25, 2010  2:32 PM

    Jennifer, have you tried the Wasabi Grill on 14th St. yet? Says it’s Japanese / Korean, and I’m a bit scared to try. But would love some Korean near work.

  • Re: Food Finds: Super H Mart Korean barbecue
    posted by: Mike H · June 28, 2010  7:22 PM

    Me too! Has anybody tried Wasabi? I’m dying to know if it’s any good. I’m sick of always driving up to 285/Buford Hwy area for Korean food!

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