Food Finds: Fresh eggs from Manyfold Farms

posted on November 18, 2010 at 3:43 pm

I remember the first time I had a real egg like it was five minutes ago. I was on a trip with my parents, who had rented an obnoxiously tiny apartment in Paris. Since the space had a small kitchenette, we’d go on frequent outings to the area’s farmers markets and food shops to stock the fridge. One day, we followed my father into a cheese shop where the employees wore white lab coats. Amidst the bounty of cheeses, my attention turned to a corner of the shop where older French women were clamoring for something that seemed valuable. After some gentle shoving and a few “excusez-mois,” I discovered the source of the fuss: a basket of eggs. Being your typical curious kid, I begged my father to buy me some. He obliged and the next morning I watched in giddy anticipation as my father cracked the eggs into the frying pan. They were orange! Nothing like the pale specimens I was accustomed to in Georgia. The taste? It was like sticky hot cream. Pure eggy heaven. I didn’t get another such taste outside of Europe until years later when I discovered local farms selling eggs in San Francisco. When I moved back here, I was limited to the occasional farmer selling eggs at a farmers market. But they’d go so fast (the early bird gets the eggs) and a reliable source was hard to find.

Imagine my delight when I found Manyfold Farm’s ( eggs at Bella Cucina on a random visit to do some gift shopping. Each of Manyfold’s pasture-raised eggs are small, but perfect.

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