Food Find: The Veggie Patch

posted on November 8, 2010 at 10:06 am

It all started with lettuce. I was at this year’s Taste of Atlanta and my taste buds were oversaturated with more fried food and shrimp and grits than any one person should ever be allowed to consume in a lifetime. All I wanted was something — anything — fresh to counteract all the brown and beige I’d packed into my gut in the past few hours. Then, like in some biblical tale, the crowds parted to reveal the Veggie Patch’s (751 Nunn Road, Commerce, 706-616-7869, oasis of vegetables plopped down in the middle of all the typical food-event gluttony. I ran over and started feasting with my eyes at the rows of perfect butter lettuce; each green, smooth head compacted like a rose that has yet to open. Boxes of lettuce filled with a mix of fluffy leaves and spicy mix whispered promises of a bitter and intensely grassy foil to whatever I paired them with. The intense aroma from the pristine display of herbs — tarragon, basil and more — combined in my nose with the summery smell from the overflowing baskets of firm tomatoes, small and large. I was in heaven. Inspired.

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