Food find: Boylan Vintage sodas

posted on July 1, 2007 at 5:45 am
If you frequent any of Atlanta’s many specialty stores, you are probably already acquainted with these sinful little devils. Boylan, which has been bottling sodas since 1891, is one of the few companies that never strayed from their original recipe and still uses authentic glass bottles instead of plastic. They also use cane sugar instead of corn syrup and you can definitely taste the difference in every delicious sip. I am a big fan of their root beer (which makes awesome floats), orange, and black cherry sodas. You can get them all over town, but I always buy them at Whole Foods, Belly General Store, and Trader Joe’s. If you have never had one, do yourself a favor and try one.

Boylan’s Website

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  • Re: Food find: Boylan Vintage sodas
    posted by: Kris · July 5, 2007  7:41 AM

    Up here there’s a local company that still makes soda with cane sugar and uses glass bottles. Harmony Springs’ soda is fantastic, with lots of different flavors (and neon colors!) and I gladly pay $1.25 for two litres just for the bottles!

  • Re: Food find: Boylan Vintage sodas
    posted by: John Marc · July 9, 2007  1:22 PM

    I just noticed that these are also available at Midtown Market on the corner of 10th and Piedmont.

  • Re: Food find: Boylan Vintage sodas
    posted by: Anonymous · August 8, 2007  7:40 PM

    This place used to be right down the strret from my house in North Haledon New Jersey the have the best “Creamy Red Birch Beer”
    If you like root beer you will love this stuff, There is even a bar in Hoboken that had it on tap along side all of their German Beers


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