Food find: 1000 Faces Coffee’s iced coffee growler

posted on July 8, 2014 at 7:26 am

My favorite farmers' market purchase last weekend: a concentrated ice coffee growler from @1000facescoffee.

I picked one of these growlers up at from Athen’s-based 1000 Faces Coffee at The Freedom Market Farmers Market this past weekend. I was wary to spend $25 on the growler, but it was worth it. We have already made 3 tall iced coffees and barely dented it. The girl running the stand said it should last two people about a week, but I think longer if you alternate with a hot cup. I have been using a ratio of 2/3 concentrate to 1/3 milk and using almond milk to cut down on calories. The coffee is very strong and rich for a cold brew. One tall glass is enough to get me super powered for my day. I’ll be buying this again and they’ll even give you a credit towards your next purchase when you return the growler.

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