First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)

posted on November 4, 2010 at 10:00 am

While browsing through the Atlanta food blogs yesterday morning, I read that the author of Fried Chicken Lips, Kit Fenton, had found a new barbecue spot off of Powers Ferry Road. I sent it to my husband, the ‘cue fiend, who predictably suggested (read: demanded) we meet at Heirloom Market BBQ for lunch. Kit, who really has a knack for sniffing these new places out, gave it positive remarks so expectations were high.

The restaurant is in a tiny space next door to a food mart. It only seats about 15 folks so getting it to go may be a better option. Before we get to the food, a little background on the spot from its website:

Heirloom Market is the smallest of places with the biggest of hearts. This chef driven restaurant was designed with the idea of paying respect to iconic BBQ food ways with the touch of our personal flavor. Chefs Cody and Jiyeon decided to create Heirloom Market with one basic thought “What can we enjoy doing for the next 10 years”. We decided to cook to our strengths. Simple, Classic, and Fresh are three adjectives that should never be lost when providing such a polarizing cuisine as BBQ. Jiyeon, a South Korean ex-pat, grew up with the flavors of grilled meats, pickled vegetables, and a constant array of side dishes. Her culinary training and travels in the states has led to a deep rooted love for “Seoul” food or classic Southern cuisine. Cody (a Texas born, Tennessee raised, Atlanta trained Chef) has spent countless hours cooking, eating, and appreciating everything BBQ. Together they have created a place that provides the best of “the things we eat on our days off.”

Heirloom is using all local meats when possible such as Riverview Farm’s meats and Patak’s sausages. Therefore, the prices are a little higher than other ‘cue places that use cheaper quality cuts. Moon and I got the Southern Sampler so we could, well, sample as many meats as possible.

The brisket is excellent. Read: fatty, tender, and smoky. The chopped pork and chicken were equally gorgeous. The ribs, however, needed more time as they were a bit tough.

There is a long list of sides to pull from including some fancier chef specials. We went basic and got mac and cheese, cole slaw, and beans.


We could not find fault with any of them. I especially appreciated the chunk of pork in the beans and the lighter mayo dressing on the slaw. Another plus? The buttered and griddled (?) buns and the homemade pickles that came with our meal. Heirloom also has a few different sauces depending on which style you like–something I always appreciate.

Verdict: New ‘cue with pedigree and some serious potential. Go for the brisket, pulled pork, or chicken and don’t forget a chilly bottle of Mexican coke on the side. I’m a fan despite it being early in the game.

Heirloom Market BBQ on Urbanspoon

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  • Re: First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)
    posted by: Tony Montana · November 4, 2010  10:27 AM

    Is Kit Fenton that ball of hate who got hisself banned from yelp?

    Or am i thinking of someone else?

  • Re: First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)
    posted by: Louise · November 4, 2010  11:58 AM

    Checked this place out yesterday and was v impressed. Highly recommended!

  • Re: First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)
    posted by: Sean M · November 5, 2010  9:11 AM

    same Kit. go Cody!

  • Re: First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)
    posted by: TheBigSMY · November 9, 2010  8:51 PM

    I don’t know about Kit or anyone else. All I know is that I just had the pork belly from Heirloom BBQ and y’all should hate me right now because that thing was AWE-SOME. Can’t say if it’s officially on the menu because the main guy there said that he was making the pork belly for collards. But seriously, I think I’ve found my new pork-flavored crack.

  • Re: First impression: Heirloom Market BBQ (Smyrna)
    posted by: John Gangemi · June 2, 2011  4:06 PM

    I have tried just about everything on the menu and have not been disappointed once. The BBQ is outstanding the ribs are great and the burger is realy awsome.

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