Ethnic.City: Tasty China

posted on October 6, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Chinese chefs are notoriously nomadic, bouncing from one restaurant to the next without apparent cause, and nobody embodies this stereotype more than the enigmatic and wildly revered Peter Chang. When Chang popped up on the Atlanta restaurant scene at Tasty China (585 Franklin Road, Marietta, 770-419-9849) in 2006, food fiends went mad for his intoxicatingly ma-la (hot and numbing) Szechuan dishes. They’d suck air into their mouths to kill the burn and wipe their damp brows in between bites, only to return days later for more gastrointestinal masochism. But the chef suddenly left Atlanta just months later and landed somewhere in Tennessee. Or was it Washington D.C.? Virginia?

As they’d been doing for years, Chang devotees filled forums around the country with sightings and rumors about the chef’s latest whereabouts. However, as soon as he appeared — poof! — he’d vanish. Chang’s fugitive-like movements caught the attention of the New Yorker and the Oxford American, which published similar pieces about the mysterious and talented chef around the same time. The coverage only built his fans’ fervor. Fanatics wanted to know: Where in the world is Peter Chang?

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