Ethnic.City: Jerusalem Bakery

posted on July 21, 2010 at 10:39 am

There was no going back to store-bought pita after my first visit to Jerusalem Bakery (585 Franklin Road, Marietta, 770-419-1666). The smell of freshly baked bread filled the shop with an intoxicating aroma; the pita was puffed and fluffy with just the right amount of chew, a far cry from the stiff and collapsed stuff found on supermarket shelves. When Jerusalem Bakery opened an Alpharetta outpost with a full-on restaurant (4150 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, 770-777-0193), I became an immediate regular thanks in part to the addictive and crunchy falafel. More excitement followed when I learned the owners had added on a restaurant to the original Marietta retail location. A narrow dining room and an open kitchen now accompany the bakery with its endless shelves of just-out-of-the-oven Middle Eastern treats. And the goodies, such as soft pizza-esque pies (meat, feta, or za’atar) can be bought and devoured on the premises.When it comes to sandwiches, Marietta’s kitchen has a little less finesse than Alpharetta’s. Falafel the size of jawbreakers have feathery bits of crispy crunch outside, but the gray interior lacks any discernable seasoning; more parsley would add pop. Two ever-present spits of shawarma (beef and chicken) rotate all day, ready for sandwiches or platters. The chicken shawarma tastes on the tough side. Most of its meat is dark and could benefit from being shaved more finely so the chewiness of the beautifully spiced meat can shine. Rolled shawarma wraps are built with the house-made pillowy flatbread and tend to be a safer bet than the platters. In the wraps, the meat gets a boost from a long list of the traditional toppings, including spicy chili paste, pickled beets and tahini.

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    posted by: SA · July 21, 2010  3:17 PM

    Leon’s also makes great pita which can be purchased at their store off of Pleasantdale Rd.

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