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posted on December 21, 2010 at 9:59 am

Photo courtesy of Sarah Woods

I’m wet, naked and gripping the vinyl-wrapped table I’m lying on so I don’t slide off. Rows of other naked women are doing the same white-knuckled maneuver, as middle-aged Korean women in see-through black lingerie toss them around and scrub hard, sloughing away dead skin cells and dignity. Really, though, any shred of modesty disappeared the minute I walked into the women’s locker room at JeJu Sauna (3555 Gwinnett Place Drive, Duluth, 678-336-7414, It’s a very naked place.Nudity aside, JeJu stands apart from other Atlanta spas. The extremely popular — and pristine — Korean-style sauna is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Twenty-five bucks buys you unlimited access to the sauna’s many no-frills facilities, a roomy thick cotton uniform of shorts and T-shirt (pink for women, mustard yellow for men), and a disposable toothbrush. Men and women have separate changing areas where there are various Jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, standing and seated showering areas, and the aforementioned out-in-the-open treatment areas where you can sacrifice a little pride for baby-soft skin. After a relaxing time in your birthday suit, throw on your outfit — don’t forget your key/electronic identification bracelet — and head out to the clothed common area where men and women mingle. There are various coed saunas located in rooms and domed mini-buildings within the common area. Each sauna has a different composition and purpose: rock-salt lined walls to strengthen your cardiovascular system, a charcoal room to clean out those pesky toxins, imported jade to speed up your metabolism, and many more.

It’s easy to lose yourself inside JeJu for an entire day. In fact, many people head over to the spa after pigging out at nearby restaurants to use the communal sleeping rooms where pillows, blankets and mats are provided. It’s the cheapest and coolest makeshift hotel ever. If you are going to spend any amount of time at JeJu, you’ll most likely get hungry and that’s when the “food court” comes in handy. While food isn’t destination-worthy considering all the superlative spots nearby, there’s good stuff to be had. And you can’t beat eating barefoot on the floor in a jammie-esque ensemble knowing there’s a warm place to cuddle up immediately after stuffing yourself full of home-style Korean food.

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  • Re: Ethnic.City: JeJu Sauna
    posted by: Former Jeju Customer · May 15, 2013  3:00 PM

    Well the Jeju sauna is not going to get a good rating from us because of a recent incident there. In fact they do not deserved to be rated at all.

    On a recent visit with four girlfriends recently we were in the middle of showering and one our girlfriends was rinsing out an undergarment when she was confronted by a spa worker who asked her not to use the bar soap to do this with – explaining other people use that soap – it was a bar of soap. Our friend explained that the bar soap was regularly used on skin-to-soap contact and that it stood more of a chance to become contaminated doing that. She also pointed out that there were no signs stating that undergarments not be rinsed out in the shower. She further suggested that Jeju consider supplying only liquid soap dispensers, or single use soap bars, like hotels and motels, which were overall safer when it comes to transferring contaminants. With that the employee left.

    My girlfriend continued to shower when this employee came back and saw her still holding the undergarment in her hand in the shower. The Jeju employee became quite indignant and irritated and yelled at our friend who was only holding the undergarment for not wanting to lay them down on the shower floor. At this point she asked our friend to leave immediately, and the other three in the group (including me and a small child) were told to leave since we were all together.

    Somewhere in all this Diane, the manager became involved. We did nothing to warrant this mistreatment by Jeju. Further, and the most disgusting part, security was called and a male security person by the name of Tony entered the locker room. I was nude as well as one of my friends! I asked him to leave that we were naked and he said I could not tell him where he could go. This was very humiliating to experience.

    This whole disgusting event was totally uncalled for and highly embarrassing and stressful for all us attending. I am considering legal action. There was a purposeful invasion of privacy when the spa allowed a male to enter the locker room with naked females present. It was beyond embarrassing. We all paid for 24 hours and were told we would not get a refund. Diane was laughing when we left but believe me there was nothing to laugh at. I question her ability and skills to manage this establishment properly.

    So if you want to possibly be humiliated beyond reason then go to this spa which is run by highly unreasonable people. This is not how we do business in America. We expect to be heard, and a modicum of respect. I wish everyone would protest this place and boycott participation in their business.

    Very Very Upset in Temple, GA

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