El Pastorcito: Norcross

posted on June 17, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Al Pastor cooked on a trompo (the spinning spit) is one food that I’ve never found a satisfying version of in Atlanta. My family–that hails from the home of the dish–likes El Pastor on BuHi, but I’ve never found the flavor as good as versions I’ve had in Mexico City where the dish is from. Zocalo’s ill-fated taqueria was one place that had the most authentic tasting meat–and the worst tortillas. I may have found an acceptable version that’s only available on the weekend.
El Pastorcito is  just off 85 in an odd shopping center that also houses a Halal grocery store. The facade is super sketchy and dark. The interior isn’t much of an improvement, but who needs ambiance when there is one of these?


Because of the always intervening law, most pastor places in Georgia are required to slice and then cook the pork on the griddle. I personally believe this is a sin as you don’t get that beautiful shaved mosaic of crisp red pork that makes pastor tacos so special. Still…a person in need will make do. So, I just ask the super super nice waitress to tell the little old man at the helm of the trompo to make sure the meat is crisp–and add pineapple of course.


The tacos are gorgeous in my humble opinion. A little piece of Mexico City when I am feeling homesick and I love that they actually use the right size of tortilla. I am not a fan of the big ones when it comes to tacos. The salsas are also excellent and the complimentary chips are surprisingly fresh and slightly addictive after first crunch. The menu holds loads of other specialties so you won’t go wanting for good Mexican if pastor isn’t your thing. Incidentally, the chicken wings are pretty darn good. We Mexicans know how to fry things and make them spicy.

5345 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross, GA 30093-1524, United States
(770) 300-0037

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  • Re: El Pastorcito: Norcross
    posted by: Weremonkey · June 17, 2010  4:51 PM

    I love this place. It really stands out above other Mexican restaurants I’ve tried on Buford Highway. The food seems to be made with love. It is not an attractive place but the quality of the food makes up for the lack of pretty.

  • Re: El Pastorcito: Norcross
    posted by: Angela Frechette · June 17, 2010  5:01 PM

    Sweet! This isn’t too far from me so I’ll have to try it out. Nice pics!

  • Re: El Pastorcito: Norcross
    posted by: michael · June 18, 2010  3:37 PM

    THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to find a decent el pastor taco with no luck (since Zocalo closed in Grant Park). Love me some el pastor tacos!

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