El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland

posted on January 24, 2011 at 4:05 pm

While researching a story on “The Fry Guy” for an upcoming “Cheap Eats” in Creative Loafing, we paid a long overdue visit to El Burro Pollo, Hector Santiago’s outdoor burrito stand on North Highland. Despite it being bitterly cold, Santiago, his wife, and staff were happily slinging burritos for a long line of customers last Saturday morning.
The menu is small–just a couple of burritos in two sizes (regular or super extra large), tuna in escabeche, and a handful of drinks. We got one of each burrito.

The one on the left is the chicken burrito, which the chef was kind enough to cut into two pieces so Junior and Moon could share it. The other was my tofu burrito. The shredded chicken was bathed in a spicy sauce, layered with veggies and, according to Cliff Bostock, some sort of crema. The medium firm tofu was grilled and placed in the same kind of charred tortilla with ribbons of cabbage and other vegetables, which reminded me of toppings used in Vietnamese sandwiches. Both were gorgeous and, while very satisfied, I didn’t feel too weighed down after eating my tofu burrito.  It was all very clean.

El Burro Pollo is only open on Saturday and Sunday starting at noon. Look for the white tent in the parking lot across from Super Pan and Pura Vida. You can also follow El Burro Pollo on Twitter.

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  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: Gwynedd · January 24, 2011  4:49 PM

    Is it just me or was the chicken burrito, like, painfully spicy? It tasted great, but also hurt me. A lot.

  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: Jonathan Peterson · January 24, 2011  4:51 PM

    The super extra large is really HUGE. It’s a bit hard to finish 1/2 of one for lunch. A great deal to split.

  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: Michael Hunter · January 24, 2011  5:16 PM

    Hey! We were also there this Saturday! Perhaps we were in line with the mysterious Bliss… @Gywnedd, the chicken itself is described by Hector’s wife as “mildly spicy.” Most of the spice comes from the hot sauce which you can ask to be left off. My 9yo daughter loves El Burro Pollo. We were also tempted by the “Fry Guy,” can’t wait to hear your take.

  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: TCB · January 24, 2011  10:51 PM

    Correction – the stand is in Poncey-Highland which is different from Virginia Highland. Fewer snobs – better food.

    Pur aVida, Super Pan, and El Burro Pollo are all Hector’s creations. They are all incredible in their own right.

  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: blissfulglutton · January 24, 2011  11:49 PM

    Changed. Thanks!

  • Re: El Burro Pollo: Poncey Highland
    posted by: Laura · January 26, 2011  5:03 PM

    I didn’t realize he did tofu. I’ll be in line for one this weekend! The spicier, the better.

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