BATON Supper Club featuring M. Wells

posted on October 24, 2011 at 9:12 pm

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Part of the M. Wells team.

Tonight marks the inaugural dinner of the BATON supper series. The brainchildren behind the operation are these lovely folks: Moses Archuleta and Bryson Tedford.
M. Wells/Baton Dinner
If you recognize Moses that’s because he happens to be a member of Pitchfork darling, Deerhunter.

BATON is a little different than other supper clubs. They want to act as kind of an exchange program for chefs around the country so that others can see what Atlanta has going on and also bring a little something special to our plates. They’ll take place on the last Monday and Tuesday of every month at Gato Bizco in Candler Park. Tonight’s dinner was cooked by the couple behind M. Wells – Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis- and a handful of awesome staff. If you aren’t familiar with M. Wells, it was a short-lived Québeco-American diner in Long Island City that wowed New York food lovers with its creative cuisine. Tonight, Atlanta got a taste. The theme was black pepper.
M. Wells/Baton Dinner
The menu.

The price point was right. The atmosphere felt very not Atlanta in a very cool way. And the food was pitch perfect Fall comfort food that tasted like it was cooked by your imaginary French Canadian grandmother. This is the rundown of what we had:
M. Wells/Baton Dinner
An amuse of apples with blue cheese, black pepper and sprouts.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Blue pointe oysters, coffee sabayon.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Georgia-Québec stew, oxtail, country ham, fresh corn.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Beef tongue pie, vegetable stew, tarragon, puff pastry.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Fall vegetables, shrimp butter, roots.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Liver and onions, sunchokes a la Cheryl, vermouth.

Banana cream pie.

M. Wells/Baton Dinner
Pudding Chômeur (I cannot describe how amazing this was).

Verdict: Tomorrow is the last night M. Wells is cooking here and while reservations are preferred, there were a lot (too many, actually) seats available tonight. You could probably still snag a seat tonight if you wanted. Not sure what time they close. Do your mouth a favor and go. No word on who is cooking at the next one, but you can sign up on BATON’s website.

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