6 over-the-top sweets at Atlanta’s Asian tea houses and coffee bars

posted on May 15, 2017 at 8:55 am
The S’mores Toast at Teahouse Formosa. PHOTOGRAPHY BY @YUKILOVESFOOD

The S’mores Toast at Teahouse Formosa.

Doraville and Duluth have a plethora of Pan-Asian bakeries and cafes where creativity has almost become a competition. It seems every week, some prolific Instagrammer has unearthed yet another jaw-dropping food creation that defies expectation (and sometimes even seems to defy gravity). Cooler still, at some of these cafes, these dishes even take inspiration from other global trends—at the new Pan-Asian teahouse Boba Bee, for instance, there’s a mango ice cream creation topped with the sugary, chili-encrusted tamarind candy sticks kids often enjoy in Mexico. Many of these coffee shops and tea houses also have a large variety of over-the-top savory treats, but we’ll save the salty fun—Flaming Hot Cheetos-encrusted corn or  Hello Kitty bento boxes, anyone?—for another post. Here are six sweets you shouldn’t miss:

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