You will be deleted…and publicly shamed

posted on December 23, 2008 at 2:17 pm
Every website is subject to “shills,” business owners who pretend to be customers and post glowing reviews of their establishment. I’ve let a few slide in the past since the economy has been so rough and I don’t sell ads on the site, but some of you–I won’t name names (for now)–are just plain ridiculous. You see, there is this thing called technology that lets me know when someone from the same computer posts three fake reviews within three days. The spelling errors are always a nice touch, by the way. Do it again and I’ll let my readers know what you are up to. I doubt they’ll appreciate it since we try to keep it legit around these parts. And you’ll just be hurting your business instead of helping it. Here is a novel idea: why not post under your real name? I know it sounds crazy, but it just might work! That is all.
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  • Re: You will be deleted…and publicly shamed
    posted by: jimmy · December 24, 2008  6:32 AM

    oh! now I wanna know who it is so bad!

  • Re: You will be deleted…and publicly shamed
    posted by: Anonymous · December 26, 2008  1:09 PM

    Shame them!!!

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