Wisteria: Inman Park

posted on February 27, 2006 at 5:50 am
We saw the Chef on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s show “This is Atlanta: Cooking” (great show to watch if you have never seen it) Saturday morning cooking a skillet-fried chicken dish that looked pretty darn good. We decided to scoot over that evening for a taste. I ordered a mixed green salad and the chicken. My dining companion, who is a fried chicken connoisseur, got the chicken and cherry cobbler for dessert. The dressing for the salad was off. It did not have enough acidity and was improperly seasoned. The goat cheese that they sprinkled over the salad tasted very cheap as well. Our fried chicken arrived and the plate was just as we had seen on television that morning. Greens, corn pudding and the fried chicken, which was smothered with a shitake mushroom and mushroom broth mix. We dug in immediately and the first taste to hit us was the overwhelmingly earthy flavor of the shitake mushrooms. They did not go with the dish at all and the broth made the chicken very soggy. The greens were ok and so was the corn pudding (a bit too rich for me…I had to stop after 2 bites) but it needs some work. The cobbler was decent but had way too much cinnamon. The prices were reasonable though ($14.95 for the chicken) and the setting was pleasant. I am still on the fence about going back.


Address: 471 N Highland Ave
Phone: (404) 525-3363
Website: Wisteria

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Cuisine: American, Contemporary Southern
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  • Re: Wisteria: Inman Park
    posted by: As The Egg Roll Turns · February 28, 2006  11:31 AM

    I have to agree with you on Wisteria. I love the setting and I live in Inman Park. I always enjoy their fried calamari, duck and their pork loin. The chicken is hit or miss. Have you been to Rathbun’s? I think it is one of those restaurants that I am supposed to like but don’t ever remember what I ate there. Kevin Rathbun probably has the best pastry chef and desert deal. You can do a sampler for only ten bucks.

    If you are down in the hood’ go over to Grant Park and try Six Feet Under and Agave in Cabbagetown too.

    I thought of you this weekend when I went and had dim sum at Happy Valley. I was the one on AccessAtlanta that you replied to.

    Happy eatings!!!

  • Re: Wisteria: Inman Park
    posted by: Anonymous · February 28, 2006  12:30 PM

    I also love the setting of Wisteria — have liked it, in fact, since Babette’s opened there in 1992 — but more often than not prefer to visit Babette’s food up the street to its relatively new location. Wisteria is good but not AS good. And I agree that the mushrooms were an odd match for skillet chicken. Even after all these years at Babette’s we only recently discovered the mussels in the most delicious broth with strawberry. Also the best Dover sole ever. Yum. Susan

  • Re: Wisteria: Inman Park
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · February 28, 2006  12:37 PM

    I have been to Rathbun’s but it has been over a year since I have been back. I had a good meal…some sort of small pasta with a delicious cream and truffle sauce. I don’t know why but I never end up there. I should go back.

  • Re: Wisteria: Inman Park
    posted by: bill moore · December 17, 2006  2:40 PM

    wisteria rocks!! great bar, very nice tables, the food is excellent, fresh ingredients, excellent preperation. can be noisy, but in a good way. bill

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