White truffle season is here

posted on October 19, 2007 at 3:33 pm

Well, it has actually been going on since September and will last until December, but this truffle fiend was reminded to post after reading this New York Magazine story. It seems Sirio Maccioni, the owner of Le Cirque in NYC, bid on (and won) a $7000 white Alba truffle this week–one of the largest to be found in years. I love this picture of the kitchen staff going wild over the treasure. It pretty much sums up my feelings for white truffles.

Photo from

White Alba truffles normally fetch around $1000 a pound in the U.S. (though bad seasons, like this one, drive the prices way up). Truffle enthusiasts flood Italy for truffle-centric events, festivals, and hunts for a few of their own if they are lucky. But, you don’t have to rush to Hartsfield and hop a flight to Italy to indulge. Some Atlanta restaurants normally serve truffle dishes during the season for a hefty premium of course.

Antica Posta is offering some dishes like risotto and a simple tagliolini ($40 for the appetizer and $70 for the main course).

La Grotta in Buckhead normally features some dishes with white truffles, but I have not gotten any information on when they will start serving them–I will keep you posted. A note in the interest of transparency…when I was growing up, chef/owner Antonio Abizanda was close friends with my family and came over for Sunday dinner every week. I credit him (and my father) with my deep love of food and my sick risotto skills 😉

If you have some cash to burn, there are plenty of online stores–like Dean & Deluca and–that sell the aromatic beauties. We have also bought them from Marky’s in Miami and were very pleased with the results. Here is a (grainy) photo of our score last year:
If you do choose this route, keep your recipes simple to let the truffle shine. I find a fresh pasta with butter, cream, parm, and salt is a heavenly platform for the earthy shavings (don’t forget the truffle shaver or you are in for a headache). If you do not use it all in one sitting, store the remaining truffle in an airtight glass container (just large enough for the truffle) and surround it with arborio rice.

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  • Re: White truffle season is here
    posted by: Stephanie · October 23, 2007  7:34 AM

    Where can you buy black truffles and truffle oil around here? I have tried the huge international food market in Decateur and Whole foods but no luck. Where in ATL can you get those top tier food ingrediants you can’t find anywhere else?

  • Re: White truffle season is here
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 23, 2007  8:54 AM

    Stephanie: I have seen black truffles (from Oregon) at Whole Foods, but the quality was never very good. Places like Star Provisions can order them for you. the online stores I posted have black truffles too.

    Truffle oil is absolutely everywhere–Publix even has it. I suggest buying the white truffle oil though. Happy hunting.

  • Re: White truffle season is here
    posted by: Anonymous · October 23, 2007  12:29 PM

    I bought the Oregon Black Truffle from Whole Foods about a month ago. It had no flavor and it was not worth the money at all!

  • Re: White truffle season is here
    posted by: Katie B. · October 16, 2010  11:45 PM

    Hey I found your site while searching for info on Alba and the Truffle Festival. I will be there on October 25th. Any recommendations on where to stay? Did you take a train into the city or fly in? Any suggestions or info would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Re: White truffle season is here
    posted by: Mape food service · November 18, 2016  2:13 PM

    Fresh truffles and more check our website
    Thank you

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