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posted on April 26, 2008 at 8:04 am
The amount of food-related media can be overwhelming. Keeping it up with it is a time-consuming task but I’ve got a little time saver for you. You may have noticed the gray box on the right column of my website. This is where I compile interesting items from dining sections, publications and other food-related blogs from all over the world. Since there are so many worthy clips on a daily basis, “older” items get pushed out of the box. However, all of my starred items get compiled and archived on my personal website which you can subscribe to in your RSS reader. Just click the orange feed icon underneath my profile and you’ll be on your way! As always, please let me know if there is a publication you’d like to see more of and I’ll do some more digging. If you are not familiar with RSS, check out this link which breaks it down. I am partial to Google reader.

As you can imagine, I buy a lot of cookbooks, gadgets and other toys for my kitchen. I try to do the occasional “Killer kitchenware” posts. But, I like to keep the main space free for restaurant reviews, food finds, events and local news. I have created a page, through Amazon, where I showcase products I am digging these days. You can access the store by clicking the “shop my store” tab at the top of my webpage. Yes, a miniscule portion of the sale–mere pennies–goes back to me as an “associate” if you order through my “store.” But, I am trying to raise a little dough to upgrade to a full-fledged web site without resorting to annoying banner ads. Let me know what you think and if you have any cool recommendations I should add to any of the “aisles” by emailing me at:

Some of my older readers may remember I had a very short-lived message board. The technology at the time was pretty shaky and no one seemed to be using it, so I killed it. I have found a better version and am considering bringing it back. While the comments sections of my posts are a good place to give your feedback on that particular establishment, I’d like to provide a place where people could start their own topics and converse with others about restaurants and general food topics. Would love to hear if this would be something you are interested in seeing on the site. Please let me know in the comments section of this post.

Thanks for reading and happy eating,

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