Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta

posted on July 17, 2006 at 3:24 pm

This is your typical Hawaiian plate lunch spot. They have a bunch of different combos to choose from. The space is very bright and clean. It is decorated pretty well for what it is a has some plasmas up on the walls. This is the kind of place you feel safe eating in. I, of course, got the Kalua pork. Now, I know these guys are not cooking an entire pig under ground but the flavor was pretty darn good. The mac salad was decent and the steamed rice was steamed rice. I would go back. Check it out if you have jonesing for some plate lunch without having to take the long flight.

Address: 2160 Briarcliff Rd NE
Phone: 404-638-1115

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ on Urbanspoon

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  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: robin · July 21, 2006  9:14 AM

    Agree with your summary. Had the Hawaiian combo (chicken, beef and short ribs) and it was fairly standard hibachi food, but cooked fresh and quite tasty. Next time I will have the pork. Large portions of meat.

    It was packed at lunch and people were starting to sit outside (in the heat…whew), so I would get there early for lunch. Also, they gave someone at another table my co-workers food, so he had to flag down a staff member and wait to get his food. They need to work on their system.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · July 21, 2006  9:58 AM

    I was there today as well. Boy, it was crowded. Had some great pig again. I don’t see that place having any problem staying open.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: Darin · July 23, 2006  7:56 PM

    We went there this past week for lunch and I really loved the interior – so cute and bright. I would not order the katsu chicken again; it was very plain and the sauce was bland. But it was silly, really, for me to not get one of the BBQ dishes. I will certainly return and try the pork instead.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: joeatl · August 25, 2006  6:21 PM

    Tell me, how does this compare to plate lunches in Hawaii? Nowhere does mac salad taste the best then in Hawaii. If you’re from Hawaii, you know what I’m talking about! How’d you rates their’s? 🙂

    BTW, what’s with the spelling of “Waikiki?”

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · August 26, 2006  5:12 AM

    The mac salad is just okay. Nothing to write home about but it creamy enough to counter the salt of the meat dishes.

    It is a good attempt at plate lunch though.

    I did the pig and it was good. Sometimes salty but always smoky and good. I would compare it to that place K+L drive in or whatever that chain is in Hawaii.

    Same quality.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · October 2, 2006  7:15 PM

    The ramen is no good–very bland and the noodles aren’t ramen noodles. The spam musubi was delicious!

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: Koz · October 4, 2006  8:44 AM

    I think they spelled it Waikikie to make it easier to find in Google.

    Food is not to bad, I’d eat there again.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 6, 2006  8:24 PM

    Maybe I went on an off night. I went to Hawaii back in May and loved the food. I had been craving it for months when I found out about this place back in October. I went nuts, thinking I had hit the jack pot. I went after work one day and got some kalua pork; it was one of the worst meals I have had this year. I will never go back. It tasted not a thing like the real deal I had just a few months ago.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: brooklyn · February 3, 2007  6:19 PM


    i was born and raised in hawaii and moved to Atlanta two years ago and believe me one thing you miss most is the food…..and then came waikikie grill i live down the road and was nervous to try mainly because i didnt want to be dissapointed….but it was great i eat there proubly twice a week if not more i love it i love the staff i just love my time there for a momment i feel like im home again. My only problem with this place was that it didnt open sooner so my late father could have had a taste of home as well. I will continue to be a customer and look forward to a family gathering there tom night in fact…us hawaii people have to have our rice if you know what i mean.

  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: LT · May 26, 2007  2:06 PM

    I found Waikikie Hawaiian Barbeque earlier this year while I was searching on the internet for a good barbeque place to eat. Intrigued by trying the flavor of Hawaiian barbeque, I tried it that evening and was quite pleased. I have eaten there many times since, sometimes several times a week. My favorite dish is #12, the Hawaiian Beef, with a splash of their Hawaiian barbeque sauce. I am planning to eat lunch there soon with a a couple of work colleagues and sharing the experience with them. I highly recommend this restaurant, as its food is always tasty and fresh.


  • Re: Waikikie Hawaiian Barbecue: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · October 15, 2007  9:45 AM

    We have found our new favorite place! My husband is from Maui and we just got back 3 weeks ago and have since both been craving plate lunch. He was so excited to find out that this place exists. We went on Saturday evening and we enjoyed everything about it. The place is nicely decorated and clean and the staff are friendly. They were quick and the food was great…You have to try the teriyaki sauce!! My husband was so happy that he got an extra plate to go. He says the mac salad is not quite as good as L&L but almost…he did eat 3 scoops so it couldn’t be too bad 🙂 We will be back to visit very soon for sure.


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