Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth

posted on August 20, 2007 at 12:01 pm

Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth
It is easy to get stuck in the same old routine with gas prices as high as they are, but there are seriously good eats OTP if you are willing to travel. I had to be in Norcross for work today and I knew that meant I would be close to some places I wanted to try in Duluth. One of them required more than one stomach to get the full effect (more on that later), but Verra-Zanno Pizzeria–a place I found through Atlanta Cuisine–was the perfect choice for my solo-diner self. I moseyed up to the counter and took a seat so I could watch the cooks at work. I chose the lunch special of 2 slices and a soda for $5.99 and took in my surroundings. The space is brand spanking new and very clean–never a bad thing in my book. I watched the kitchen working like a well-oiled machine and felt like I was in good hands.

Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth
My slices–fresh garlic on the left and plain cheese on the right

My slices came out and I folded it up and took a bite. The pizza had a thin, crisp crust with good pull on the cheese. The sauce was balanced without being too sweet. My only complaint would be the fresh garlic could have been chopped a bit finer and maybe cooked a bit to lessen the bite.

The owner, Joe Amitrano, walked up and started to talking to me–he’d noticed me taking photos. I’d already had my slices so I didn’t think there was any harm in finding a bit more about the place and he was super friendly. I could tell after just a few words, that the guy knew his pizza. He told me about all of his experiments with dough and his search for the perfect cheese. He even offered to throw some dough for me to take pictures and you know I said yes.

Nice skills
Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth
Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth
Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth
Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: Duluth

Verdict: A darn good slice of NY-style pizza worth a visit if you are in the area and maybe even worth the trip from downtown if you don’t mind the drive. Clean and relatively modern space with nice staff and good prices. There is also a Super H Mart nearby if you need some groceries and a Mozart Bakery if want something sweet.

Address: 11600 Medlock Bridge Road (AKA 141) Suite 190, Duluth
Phone:(678) 473-0209

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    posted by: Anonymous · August 23, 2007  5:03 PM

    I was visiting from up north and I truly enjoyed the pizza and the grilled chicken hero.The staff was so friendly.I can’t wait to go back! Keep up the good work!!!!!

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