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posted on March 8, 2006 at 4:42 pm

RESTAURANT REVIEW: I am surprised this place doesn’t get more chatter in the foodie community. My sis has been going here for a long time and took me for lunch the other day. It has been around for about 4 years and the owners seem to have the formula down. The wife cooks in the back and the husband works the crowd. This place has no menu…it is Gujarati style thali (vegetarian like most Thali). Thali is traditionally served on silver platters with rice, a variety of dal ( kathor or lentil) or kadhi (curd preparation), two varieties of vegetables, salad, puri/roti, and chutney/pickles. Sweets and Papad are optional. The dishes change every day so you’ll get to have many different tastes if you are a regular. All you have to do is take a seat and they place the goods in front of you. A waitress comes around with a cart (pictured below) and refills your plate until you are full. The food is healthy, well-prepared and a steal at $6.99 for all you can eat. They also have a variety of Indian sweets at the cash register. A nice healthy spin on Indian and a great option for vegetarians.


Address: 1465 Terrill Mill Road

Phone: (770) 955-3740

Website: Vatica 

Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian

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  • Re: Vatica: Atlanta
    posted by: Jimmy Gatt · March 9, 2006  6:13 AM

    Steve and I went to Vatica a few years on based on the Creative Loafing reccommendation. We were both immensely disappointed. I remember the meal which was served as tiny bowls of limpid vegetables cooked in either pallid or bitter spices. It was so bad that Steve has not eaten in an Indian restaurant since and to this day refuses to do so. It’s a shame since I like “Indian food”, but I can’t help but agree with his assessment: the meal we had there was horrible.

    On top of that, the service (human interaction, I should say, since the service is deliberately not traditional) was strange and halting. It was as if we had invaded their space.

    Perhaps the restaurant has improved since then. Or maybe we had done something culturally insulting and been completely unaware of it. In any case, I thought it would be fair to give an differing opinion considering our rather negative experience.

  • Re: Vatica: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · March 25, 2006  8:21 AM

    obviously steve and his partner don’t know great traditional gujarati cuisine when they have it layed before them on a silver platter. this place feels like home the minute you walk in and get a taste of the owners humor. the food is delicious and for the price…you can’t get any better in atl. i recommend vatica to anyone not too stuck up to enjoy a quaint indian meal.

  • Re: Vatica: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 10, 2007  5:34 AM

    The owner guy is really annoying and arrogant. The food is clean, taste average though. Initial serving is small. But it takes for ever to get refills. Stay clear

  • Re: Vatica: Atlanta
    posted by: David Evans · April 22, 2008  10:29 AM

    Vatica is a great restaurant, and the owner, while full of personality, is not arrogant as the previous commenter said… He jokes around constantly.

    Take last night, for example. I asked him how they make their gulab jaman. His story started with “First, we go to Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning…” You just have to take his stories with good humor and a huge grain of salt.

    The food is consistently very good, and the service is neither too fast or too slow. I’ve been there to eat probably 6 or 8 times, and never left hungry or disappointed.

  • Re: Vatica: Atlanta
    posted by: lenny · July 2, 2008  8:33 AM

    i used to go to vatica about once a week, and i love it! the owner is so nice and personable.. Definitely not arrogant… I’ve never actually eaten there – always take-out – so I’ve never experienced the all-you-can-eat aspect… but I’m always super stuffed from what they give me for take-out…

    Not the best Indian food in atl, but I love it nonetheless!

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