V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth

posted on October 16, 2008 at 7:39 am
After our less than stellar Bagel Palace experience, Moon and I drove up Buford Highway looking for something to get the taste out of our mouths. We’ve been stalking a new “Korean duck” place in the same shopping center as Cafe Maum, but construction is at a standstill. So, we soldiered on towards Duluth–one of my favorite places to eat aside from Marietta these days. As we passed by the strip where Taipei is/was, I noticed a new (to us, anyway) Chinese BBQ place and promptly exclaimed, “Chinese pork!” That is all it took for my beloved to swing the car into the parking lot. What can I say? The man loves his char siu.
V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
Judging from the crowds, it seemed like this Cantonese/Malaysian eatery is the spot for neighboring folks to eat on a Sunday. The space is very clean inside and has this quirky slide-show of dishes projected on the wall to the right of the kitchen.
V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
The menu is a mix of Americanized Chinese dishes, Malaysian classics like laksa and a section of items from the pristine display case that holds some gorgeous looking pork, duck, chicken and a roasted pig’s head. The BBQ comes is served on rice, with noodles in a soup broth or “Hong Kong Style Lo mein.” 
V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
Since we’d already had a “meal,” we only ordered two dishes–the mee goreng and Yong Chow Fried Rice. I would have liked some BBQ pork stir-fried with noodles, but the lo mein option just threw me off. I prefer a skinny noodle.
V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth

Yong Chow Fried Rice: Some of the best fried rice I’ve had in some time. The rice had the perfect amount of oil, large chunks of chinese sausage, delicious cubes of roast pork, juicy shrimp and vegetables. 

V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth

Mee Goreng: I’ve had much better versions of this elsewhere. It lacked oomph, was kind of gloppy and reminded me of your average food court lo mein. Meh.

Verdict: A place with promise that seems to be popular with the locals. Very clean, nice servers who speak excellent English and a menu that warrants further exploration–I was intrigued to see Hainanese chicken, which I will definitely order on my next visit. 

Address: 3940 Buford Highway, 30096
Phone: 770-623-1896

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  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · October 17, 2008  6:01 AM

    Been there a couple of times – and was pleased each time. The BBQ matches that of Ming’s in my opinion. I think there is a thread in Atlanta Cuisine forum…

  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · October 26, 2008  8:14 PM

    I’ve been waiting for that duck place too. Do you know anything about it that I don’t? (i.e. anything)

    I’ve been to Samwon Garden, which is right next to it, a few times, and it’s not bad. They usually give 12 or 13 banchan, which is nice.

  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · December 18, 2008  12:00 PM

    Today I drove by and the duck restaurant appeared to be open. I hadn’t been by in quite some time so I’m not sure when it opened. Wondered if you had noticed or had been there.

  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · January 6, 2009  12:21 PM

    Been to V1 a couple of times. Was not impressed. Try Little Malaysia in the “99 Ranch Market” Strip Mall. Some of their dishes are quite authentic.

  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · June 3, 2009  7:47 AM

    we eat there twice a week. great chow fun,bbq pork on rice,wonton soup,tom yom soup with noodles,canton fried noodles,curry chicken with bone,etc,.owners speak english and are very helpful.

  • Re: V1 BBQ & Cafe: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · January 31, 2010  10:33 AM

    I'm from Singapore and I love the food at V1. Try the chicken curry, rendang, sambal kangkong and hokkien noodles.

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