Two Urban Licks: Atlanta

posted on July 22, 2005 at 1:08 pm

This place is monstrous and beautifully decorated. It is tucked away in a cluster of warehouses off Ponce de Leon. When you first walk in, you are taken aback by the decor and sheer size of the place. It is a centrally located, open kitchen with a 14-foot rotisserie that is really a piece of art. We arrived at 6 and the host tried to seat my party at the worst table in the house even though the place was virtually empty. After a bit of back and forth, I got us at a better table with a view of the kitchen. The service was fast but I couldn’t help but feel we were being rushed out to make room for another party. Do they really need to worry about turnover with such a massive space? I was the only one to order wine which they have in stainless barrels that you can order in various sizes. I went with the Pinot Grigio because it was so darn hot outside. Unfortunately, my wine did very little to cool me down because it was room temperature. My waitress was nice enough to bring me a tub of ice to place it in but that melted pretty quickly. The food is average at best. The presentation is nice and the ingredients fresh but the cooking was ultra-sloppy. Are the chefs actually tasting what they are putting out? Avoid anything with seafood. My table had the tartare and the sole. The tartare was tasty but the soggy chips ruined the dish. The sole was salty and smothered in a poorly done aioli. This is strictly a meat place and there is nothing light about it. Try the spareribs, Tower roasted duck, anything beef. The desserts seem to be hit and miss. We had the chocolate pie and the ice cream and cupcakes. The pie was great but the cupcakes were like eating sand. This place is a scene and a loud one. I wonder how long it will take for Atlantans to realize they are overpaying for bad food and spotty service?

Location: 820 Ralph McGill Blvd
Phone:(404) 522-4622

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  • Re: Two Urban Licks: Atlanta
    posted by: Erwin Dink · April 5, 2006  5:14 PM

    I was pretty disappointed with this place. The menu was pretty much all meat and cheese. Every dish we had was only so-so. The crowd and the noise were overwhelming. It’s too bad that this is what passes as trendy dining in Atlanta. The dining experience here seems more about fashion and posing than food. I still enjoy their first venture — One Midtown Kitchen — mainly for their creative wine list and the fact that you can order half glasses. The food is a little better but we always have to cajole the waitron into making us some kind of green salad. Overall, though, there is less attitude and a little more emphasis on the food.

  • Re: Two Urban Licks: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 27, 2008  10:30 AM

    Well, I suggest taking another look at Two. Years after your post, I visit there and can’t help notice that it is still packed!!! Most of my friends who go there, are repeat customers. We really like the food, and appreciate that it is very fresh, creative and affordable. Some chefs in Atlanta (Shauns, for example) are over priced to the point of silliness. I love the intown scene, I have lived here for many years, and I think it’s a real mistake to not like Two! It’s a great time, and really good food that everyone will enjoy eating.

  • Re: Two Urban Licks: Atlanta
    posted by: Stayce~Michelle · June 20, 2008  10:57 AM

    Been there done that… I agree with the first two comments; this is one ‘spot’ that I seem to always forget about when asked ‘where to go’….


  • Re: Two Urban Licks: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · August 1, 2008  7:32 AM

    My parents recently came to visit and I decided that TWO Urban Licks would be a great place to show off the city. They loved the view of the gorgeous skyline and the unique concept for the restaurant. Everything went perfect and they definitely want to revisit TWO every time they’re in town!

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