Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Café: San Francisco (Ferry Building)

posted on February 20, 2008 at 6:30 pm
Tsar NIcoulai: San Francisco
If you read my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide piece, you know I adore this place. This
sustainable California caviar company is really giving the Russians a run for their money–especially with their award-winning California Estate Osetra ($78 per ounce). When I was a culinary student, I could obviously not afford the delectable premium stuff, but would treat myself to a tin of their truffled whitefish caviar ($18 for 2 ounces), a bag of their blinis and other accoutrements for dinner once a week. I just love the stuff.
Tsar NIcoulai: San Francisco
Caviar tasting menu

Tsar NIcoulai: San Francisco
Menu with caviar options

Tsar NIcoulai: San Francisco
Delicious bread with a little crème fraîche and mother of pearl spoon

Tsar NIcoulai: San Francisco
Beautiful flowers to look at while I nibbled on my bread

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar: San Francisco
I was trying to pace myself for my Ferry Building eating extravaganza (or trust me, I would have gotten a tasting) so I just ordered the truffled scrambled egg with Osetra caviar–can I just say, “OH MY GOD?!” It was heaven on a plate.

If you’d like to take some caviar or any of their smoked fish home, you can get it packed for travel at the store (gelpacks that last 8 hours), but I suggest ordering from the website–I normally do a large order with friends to avoid big shipping costs and make it worthwhile–since current airport security regulations might cause you to leave the precious cargo at the door along with your nail scissors! I did manage to buy some mother of pearl spoons for my darling sister since bringing the caviar home was not an option.

Address: 1 Ferry Building (Marketplace Shop #12)
Phone:(415) 288-8630

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