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posted on December 27, 2006 at 7:19 pm


Well, it was my friend’s birthday and he chose Trois. They had only been open for one month and I was worried about going. However, it was his birthday so it was not up to me. We entered the restaurant and were greeted on the first level by the host who promptly called the restaurant level hostess stand to let them know we were there. We were sent upstairs and seated. The place was packed. We were immediately presented with our menus and some small glasses of champagne which the served to everyone. A very garlicky Baba ganoush with “toast points” which were just toasted slices of French bread. The menu was quite extensive with classic and modern categories of French food. We opted to start with a sampler from their “coquillage” assortment. We chose shrimp, oysters and crab meat. It was a waste of money. They served us one shrimp placed on cocktail sauce, bland (but fresh) crab meat. The oyster was mixed with some sort of cream and topped with caviar. I felt a bit ill the minute I ate it. They also brought us out some bread and mirepoix paste. That has to be the weirdest thing I have ever been served in a restaurant. I can just imagine the conversation. “Hey Chef. What can we do to add value and make people feel they are not getting ripped of?” “Why not use up the bottom mixture from our stocks and serve it to out guests?” Ridiculous. It was nasty.

I ordered the gnocchi with poached quail eggs (pictured above–I had to be covert so sorry) and the beef bourguignon. My friend ordered the sweetbreads and the oxtail with roasted scallops. When my gnocchi arrived the were at room temperature despite the cast iron pan they served it in. Why not heat the dish before you place the food in it? I sent it back to be reheated. I am not going to pay $9 for a cold dish. Sorry. When the gnocchi came back they were hot but the sauce had broken. It was still good. Simple flavors and the poached quail eggs were a lovely touch with the buttery sauce. My friend said his sweetbreads were okay but they had deep-fried them which seemed to shock him.

The mains arrived and I hungrily dug into my beef. SALTY! SALTY! SALTY! And, the presentation was a mess. They oversalted the noodles and it competed with the rest of the dish’s elements which had been sloppily thrown together instead of artfully presented. I know it is comfort food but please serve me something I could not make at home. They also used short ribs which was odd considering the fact that they called it “classic.” The birthday boy seemed to like his oxtail but was not wowed.

Dessert was terrific. A silky chocolate mousse cake with passion fruit sorbet that really was amazingly full of favor. Kudos to their pastry chef.

Verdict: I was wowed by Chef Lieb’s foie gras and apple fritter dish at the Serenbe event and was hoping for more items like this. I was disappointed and don’t see myself returning to drop the cash on a mediocre meal. Should you go? I say wait for a couple of months and then make your decision. 


Address: 1180 Peachtree St 
Phone: (404) 815-3337 

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  • Re: Trois: Midtown
    posted by: Anonymous · January 17, 2007  10:41 AM

    I was looking forward to a wonderful French dinner and was very disappointed. I started with the French Onion soup, it was so hot I had to wait a while to eat it. When I finally dug in the bread was floating in oil and I couldn’t enjoy it. The Lamb dish was bland and my husbands fish was just as bland, very fishy without any kind of sauce. The worst part was the chocolate mousse I really wanted for dessert. It was great until I got a mouthful of SALT! Who puts salt on top of chocolate mousse?? Sorry, I won’t be back.

  • Re: Trois: Midtown
    posted by: Anonymous · July 15, 2007  4:45 PM

    Just ate there last night, and I have to say for the money it wasn’t anything special. My duck was chewy, and my husband had the oxtail which was allright, but basically a stew. I was also astonished that the wine list starts at $95 – nothing more affordable. I think the same food can be found at 5 Seasons Brew Company. If you want to spend the money and have a great dining experience, go to Aria.

  • Re: Trois: Midtown
    posted by: Anonymous · September 10, 2007  5:17 PM

    I work in the area and tried to entertain clients several times at Trois. Each time seemed to get worse. The last time, lunch, I ordered the chicken crepes and found them filled with little more than gristle and bones…literally! I sent it back but could not shake the feeling someone in the kitchen was angry and wondered what could be next. A lot of hype and hoopla for a very overpriced restaurant.

  • Re: Trois: Midtown
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 10, 2007  7:03 PM

    I am sorry to hear you had a bad meal. Seems my first impression of the place was right judging by you and the other posters’ comments. I still think the barkeep is the only reason worth visiting this sad little spot. What a waste of a chef…

  • Re: Trois: Midtown
    posted by: Anonymous · August 1, 2008  7:34 AM

    My husband recently took me to TROIS for our 10th wedding anniversary. It was incredibly romantic and classy. Our server was extremely friendly and very attentive. We enjoyed everything we ordered and left completely satisfied and happy.

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