Tres P’s Cajun Cafe and Market: Inman Park (CLOSED)

posted on December 8, 2006 at 7:13 am

Well, I was waiting to write this place up because I wanted to let them get their opening hiccups out of the way. However, Creative Loafing and the AJC wrote them up so I gotta follow suit. The place is run by a couple of Katrina evacuees that met here and decided to open a place. Loni, the owner and chef, is one of the nicest women you will ever meet. The kind of woman that calls you baby and makes you part of the family the minute you sit down. Her Mom was helping her in the kitchen when I went in to take some gumbo to go. I got the gumbo and it was just OK. Not really my thing. Too smoky. She would not let me leave until I had tried her buttermilk fried chicken, etoufee(pictured below), shrimp po boy and (pictured above). The chicken was good but I was not crazy about the fries on the side. Too heavy but great flavor on the bird.

The po boy was probably the biggest one I have ever seen one so big in my life. It was probably 13 inches and full of 1 lb. of shrimp. She said she brings the shrimp in from the gulf and the bread from Baton Rouge every day. You can also buy the bread by the loaf. The etouffee was very good too. Perfectly seasoned and cooked. The shrimp were amazingly fresh.

Verdict: Give them a while to work out the kinks but this could be a keeper.


Address: 245 N. Highland Ave.
Phone: 404-880-0881
Cuisine: New Orleans, Southern

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  • Re: Tres P’s Cajun Cafe and Market: Inman Park (CLOSED)
    posted by: Amber · March 20, 2007  8:55 AM

    Did this place close? My boyfriend and I tried to find it about two weeks ago. Drove up and down N. Highland several times. The address doesn’t exist. We stopped and asked another couple walking if they’d heard of it – they said they were looking for it too! Other people we asked just got odd stares and “we’ve never heard of it” ..

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