Top Floor: Midtown

posted on October 8, 2007 at 4:05 pm
My one (very bad) picture of the restaurant.


Top Floor is the kind of restaurant you really want to like. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and there is a very casual vibe flowing through the space. Being there is relaxing and you just want to linger and hang with your friends. The service is also relaxed…a little too much if you ask me.

The menu is pretty straightforward with dishes like hanger steak, rustic pastas, and pizzas—sides are extra. The pizza margherita, which arrives on a wooden stand, is not a bad version, but I found the thick slices of tomato a bit hard to eat. The flavors were very good though. The lamb skewers with tzatziki sauce and couscous made from cauliflower looked promising, but what arrived were salty bits of lamb and a tzatziki sauce that bit back with way too much raw garlic. Mussels in lemongrass were bland and that is pretty much all I can remember about those.

The mains are more promising though. Hanger steak in a pan sauce was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The side of roasted vegetables was a nice contrast to the richness of the beef and I liked having the option of choosing what I have with my meal. The pork tenderloin was surprisingly juicy and tender. The macaroni and cheese that we ordered with it was oily and not very cheesy.

Another dish I was excited by was the homemade pappardelle with shitake mushrooms, arugula, pearl onions, and duck confit. I found the dish disappointing on two occasions where they left out the arugula both times. The confit on the first visit had the texture of jerky. On my second visit, still no arugula and the confit was softer, but it tasted strange. I could not put my finger on it.

The dessert list was probably the first time I had been tempted to order dessert in a long time—I am normally a savory gal. Taria Camerino who used to own a Latin-inspired bakery in Little Five Points created the exciting list, full of interesting dishes and plenty of quality ingredients. I have not tried much, but the caramel, salt, and chocolate truffle was divine.

Verdict: This place has potential. I like the simplicity and the atmosphere, but the dishes need a bit more precision. Everything sounds great, but I have experienced more letdowns than successes in my two visits there. Their dessert menu is probably one of the most interesting in Atlanta and begs to be explored. Another thing that Top Floor has going for it is a remarkably affordable price-point. I suggest you try it for yourself. 


Address: 674 Myrtle St., 30308
Phone: 404-685-3110
Payment: Cash or credit
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  • Re: Top Floor: Midtown
    posted by: atlanta social · October 9, 2007  6:08 PM

    I really like this place. But I am biased since I live in the neighborhood and can walk there. It is so much better than what was there before. lolacaesar

  • Re: Top Floor: Midtown
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 11, 2007  10:15 AM

    I definitely think it is more of a neighborhood spot than a destination restaurant.

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