The Spice Route Supper Club

posted on October 19, 2010 at 10:36 am

Let me introduce you to Asha Gomez, the best Indian home cook in Atlanta.
Spice Route Supper Club
I’ve been lucky enough to eat Asha’s cooking on a few occasions, but have always lamented the fact that her food wasn’t more widely available to the public. Asha recently debuted her Spice Route Supper Club, a series of multi-course Indian meals.

Spice Route Supper Club
Asha’s husband, Bobby, acted as the host while Asha cooked away in the kitchen.

Spice Route Supper Club
This is my personalized menu (everyone got one) from the first supper club with a focus on Kerala, Asha’s home.

Spice Route Supper Club
All of the courses were paired with drinks. The first course came with spiced Darjeeling tea.

Spice Route Supper Club
Beef and potato croquettes with green papaya pickle. I could have eaten twelve of these. They tasted like Kibbeh.

Spice Route Supper Club
Kerala chicken stew served with a wedge of vattayappam (thick savory coconut bread with an angel food consistency).  This course was served with a Chenin Blanc.

Spice Route Supper Club
Fish curry, which was also served with a tiny glass of beer.

Spice Route Supper Club
The famous Souper Jenny Levinson happened to be one of the guests that magical night. She found her way to the kitchen to help Asha plate (of course).

Spice Route Supper Club
Beef with kappa (taro root) cake, which was also served with a wine whose name escapes me.

Spice Route Supper Club
The finishing touch: a little warm chai to go with these beautiful coconut crepes.

Spice Route Supper Club

The next Spice Route Supper Club is a traditional sadya, the banquet that is a staple of Kerala celebrations. Sitting on the floor on mats, each person receives a banana leaf on which the 21 dishes are served. Asha will guide you through the history and ritual of the meal. Some of the dishes you can expect include:
—Avial, the classic coconut-enriched Kerala vegetable curry
—Sambar, the classic tamarind-based vegetable stew of South India
—Ginger curry
—Beet pachadi, a silky yogurt-based curry
—Thoren, vegetables stir-fried with grated coconut nut, mustard seeds and curry leaves
The dinner is on October 30th at 7pm and space is very limited. The cost is a minimum donation of $65. You can get more information or contact Asha to secure your seat through her website.

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  • Re: The Spice Route Supper Club
    posted by: LTF · October 20, 2010  8:53 AM

    That all looks fantastic. As I’ve been known to say to you numerous times over in the past….I’m crazy jealous.

  • Re: The Spice Route Supper Club
    posted by: Renee Braun · October 20, 2010  8:42 PM

    Wow!!!! Your natural cooking talents from
    your home town of Kerala, India is rocking the town of Atlanta!

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