The pizza wars are in full effect

posted on April 30, 2009 at 3:42 am

Concentrics Restaurants will open Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria in the Luckie Marietta District later this Spring. The restaurant’s number one selling point–aside from being wicked close to my house–is the “only coal oven in Georgia, which heats up to 1,000 degrees and uses anthracite coal. One of the cleanest burning fossil fuels with an abundant supply in the United States, anthracite coal contains the fewest impurities.”
The kitchen will be run by chef Nick Oltarsh, a native of New York City. The restaurant will offer “traditional” 14-inch and 18-inch pizzas, salads, pastas, hot and cold Italian sandwiches, signature coal-oven wings, a daily chef’s choice of pasta and pizza, and homemade gelato. They’ll also offer to-go and delivery options for us deprived (and depraved) downtown residents. Get more information at:
In related news: Stay tuned for my review of Varasano’s Pizzeria in the next week…
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  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Owen R. · April 30, 2009  5:17 AM

    Can’t wait to try it, Varasano’s seems to want to be running along with them but it’s just too damn runny.

  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Some Other Mike · April 30, 2009  2:19 PM

    This is wonderful news, as Georgia is the place where (good) pizza chains and joints go to die.

  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Anonymous · May 1, 2009  6:15 AM

    Speaking of pizza – got a jumbo margherita with italian sausage last night from Fortunato’s (East-West Connnector) and it was horrible! For $27 I expected more. It was so bad I actually called and spoke to a waitress who confirmed they had changed their sauce and sausage (ugh!) and when I voiced my displeasure she handed me over to the “manager” who was a complete nut! The sauce was thick and tasted of tomato paste – not like it was previously and the sausage had an “off” taste. Cross this one off the list. I guess the lack of business I’ve been seeing there has resulted in a little corner cutting. Management? Rude and arrogant. No thanks Fortunato’s . . .

  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Sudhir · May 3, 2009  11:21 AM

    All due respect to the folks at Concentrics, but since when have they succeeded at raising the bar for a cuisine in this town? Trois was supposed to be one of the best French restaurants in town, and it’s no good. Parish was supposed to bring a taste of New Orleans to town, and it didn’t. TAP was supposed to be an elite gastropub, and it wasn’t. Piebar stunk. I would not get your hopes up about this place. The only places that I can think of that have reasonably delivered were One Midtown Kitchen when Blais was there and STATS, which never aspired to be much more than an incredible sports bar with pretty solid food, which it is.

  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Anonymous · June 25, 2009  5:54 AM

    Fortunato's used to use good california tomatoes. they recently changed to something cheaper.

  • Re: The pizza wars are in full effect
    posted by: Tracers · June 29, 2009  11:44 AM

    Seems like in this environmental climate (no pun intended) a restaurant with the name "coal" in the title is not going to be too popular no matter how good the pies are.

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