The Globe revisited

posted on January 20, 2007 at 6:09 am

We all know that consistency is one of the major challenges that restaurants face. When the Globe first opened, I had great meals. Gorgeous steak frites…succulent roast chicken…impossibly prefect salads..great service. It was all crave-worthy and simple comfort food. My impression of the Globe started to change last Valentine’s Day when I ate there and it was a disaster. I ordered a paella that was so undercooked I had to send it back (something I am not afraid to do when paying $20+ for an entree). It turned me off so much I had not returned until I had a business lunch a few weeks ago. We ordered the tempura veggies to start and each got a burger because there had been some buzz that they had a good one. The tempura was an oily mess and lacked salt. We did not finish them.
The burgers were no better than the tempura. They are served on a focaccia bun with tomatoes and shredded romaine. It was woefully under salted and not enjoyable at all. The fries were also a mess. Crisp, but you could tell they’d been frozen.
Verdict: It is sad to say, but this place seems to be resting on its laurels. The food lacks the love that made this place shine in the beginning. Save your money and go somewhere else instead.

Address: 75 Fifth St NW
Phone: (404) 541-1487

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  • Re: The Globe revisited
    posted by: Jeremy WIlhelm · January 22, 2007  8:33 PM

    I’ve eaten at the Globe several times and have always found it to be an enjoyable meal. The last time I went, I had lamb and my girlfriend had a very nicely prepared Flat Iron Steak (which seems to be the new hanger steak), I can’t speak to your experiences, but my impression is that you don’t really like any place you go, except for One Midtown Kitchen, which I think of as a train wreck. Cheers.

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