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posted on July 16, 2014 at 8:26 am

Remember my yearly Bliss Lists? I am bringing them back. Kind of. Instead of being updated yearly, this list will be updated on an ongoing basis. It’s something I learned when I was the editor of Eater Atlanta with the website’s Heater Map and Eater 38 and I think such lists are super useful.

This Bliss List* will live on the right sidebar of the blog. This list is not a ranking of what I consider “the best” restaurants in Atlanta. Instead, it’s simply a compilation of where I am currently eating often in case you need a fresh idea for dinner or a recommendation. I’ve also included a link, when applicable, to anything I have written about the place if you want more information. The restaurants at the top are the newest additions.

Happy eating.

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Fred’s Meat and Bread
Type: Sandwiches
Recommended dishes:cheesesteak, GRINDER (my favorite sandwich in Atlanta), meatball sub, cauliflower bahn mi, and burger.
Vitals: Fred’s Meat and Bread

The meat menu at 678.

The meat menu at 678.

Type: Korean, BBQ.
Recommended dishes: Meat! Also, spicy noodle soup.
Vitals: 3880 Satellite Blvd., 678-417-6780.
Relevant articles: The Glutton at Large: 678 (April 2013)

Café Agora
Type: Turkish
Recommended dishes: Mezze platter, falafel, and kabobs.
Vitals: 318 E Paces Ferry Rd NE. Atlanta, GA 30305.
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Cafe Agora (May 2014)

A selection of dishes at Best BBQ.

A selection of dishes at Best BBQ.

Best BBQ
Type: Chinese, Cantonese, BBQ, Dim-sum
Recommended dishes: Any of the dim-sum dishes and stir-fried noodles.
Vitals: 2300 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, 678-957-0098. Inside Great Wall Supermarket
Relevant articles: Exciting Dim Sum at Best BBQ

Type: Modern Italian, Pasta
Recommended dishes: Any of the pasta dishes.
Vitals: 753 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, 404-577-2332.

Cafe Bombay
Type: Indian
Recommended dishes: Thali, lamb biryani, Goan chicken curry, and dal.
Vitals: 2615 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, 404-320-0229.

Caffe Gio
Type: Italian cafe, Sandwiches, Gelato
Recommended dishes: Crispy chicken salad, meatball sub, chicken soup, and pastries.
Vitals: 1099 Hemphill Ave. NW, Atlanta.
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Italian Oasis (November 2013)

Type: Classic American steakhouse
Recommended dishes: Steak, tomato and onion salad, pork chop, lobster, and pretty much everything else.
Vitals: 70 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, 404-262-2675,

El Rey de Taco
Type: Mexican, taqueria
Recommended dishes: Handmade tortillas, tacos (especially the barbacoa, chivo, and carnitas) and parrilladas.
Vitals: 5288 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, 770-986-0032.
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Where to cure a hangover in Atlanta (March

Floataway Café
Type: New American
Recommended dishes: Beet salad, fritto misto, pastas, and steak frites.
Vitals: 1123 Zonolite Rd NE #15, Atlanta, 404-892-1414.
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Abattoir and Floataway Café (April 2013)

Fogo de Chao
Type: Brazilian steakhouse
Recommended dishes: Salad bar, all of the meats, strong drinks, and huge desserts.
Vitals: 3101 Piedmont Road, 404-266-9988,
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Fogo de Chao (July 2013)

Frito Pie from the Fox Bros.

Frito Pie from the Fox Bros.

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q
Type: Texas style barbecue
Recommended dishes: Chili and cheese covered tater tots, Frito pie, beef rib, pork ribs, cole slaw, mac and cheese, burger, and dessert.
Vitals: 1238 DeKalb Ave., 404-577-4030.

Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano
Type: Italian, Chicken
Recommended dishes: Any of the chicken dishes, baked pasta, chicken soup, and salad.
Vitals: 1099 Hemphill Ave NW, 404-347-3874.

Ribeye on the grill at Hanil Kwan.

Ribeye on the grill at Hanil Kwan.

Hanil Kwan
Type: Korean, charcoal BBQ
Recommended dishes: Any barbecue meats, kimchi rice, and spicy soups.
Vitals: 5458 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, 770-457-3217.

Haru Ichiban
Type: Japanese
Recommended dishes: Ramen, homestyle small plates, and lunch specials.
Vitals: 3646 Satellite Blvd NW, Duluth, 770-622-4060.

The painkiller at Kimball House.

The painkiller at Kimball House.

Kimball House
Type: Modern American
Recommended dishes: Oysters, crudo, vegetable side dishes, and cocktails.
Vitals: 303 E Howard Ave, Decatur, 404-378-3502.
Relevant articles: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder at Kimball House (July 2014)

Miller Union
Type: Modern American, Modern Southern
Recommended dishes: Farm egg in celery cream, grit fritters, anything with rabbit, cocktails, and desserts.
Vitals: 999 Brady Avenue Northwest, 678-733-8550,

Pho at Nam Phuong.

Pho at Nam Phuong.

Nam Phuong
Type: Vietnamese
Recommended dishes: Bot chien, fresh spring rolls with tofu, sugar cane shrimp, beef wrapped in betel leaves, pho, soft fried noodles, chicken wings, and shaking beef.
Vitals: 4051 Buford Highway, 404-633-2400.
Relevant articles: Ethnic.City: Nam Phuong (June 2011)

The meat sick at One eared Stag.

The meat sick at One eared Stag.

One Eared Stag
Type: Modern American
Recommended dishes: The menu changes every day, but everything is awesome. Also, the meat stick and fried chicken.
Vitals: 1029 Edgewood Ave NE, 404-525-4479.

Pita Palace
Type: Falafel and shawarma.
Recommended dishes: Falafel and shawarma.
Vitals: 1658 Lavista Rd NE, 404-781-7482.
Relevant articles: Mouthful: Falafel (April 2009)

The nachos at Red Pepper on Briarcliff.

The nachos at Red Pepper on Briarcliff.

Red Pepper Taqueria
Type: Tex-Mex, Mexican
Recommended dishes: Nachos, cheese dip, and skinny margaritas.
Vitals: 2149 Briarcliff Rd. NE., 404-325-8151.

Rumi’s Kitchen
Type: Persian
Recommended dishes: Kashk Badenjoon, Koobideh Kabob, Joojeh Kabob, any of the rice, and loads of the amazing bread.
Vitals: 6112 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, 404-477-2100.

Star Provisions
Type: New American, New Southern, Bakery, Cheese Shop, To-go Foods, Cooking supplies
Recommended dishes: Shrimp poboy, cured meats, Reuben sandwich, lentil salad, baguette, and chocolate and pecan tart.
Vitals: 1198 Howell Mill Rd. NW, 404-365-0410.

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House
Type: Korean
Recommended dishes: Dolsot bibimbap, mung bean pancakes, barbecue, and dumplings.
Vitals: 5953 Buford Hwy NE, 678-530-0844.
Relevant articles: Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House (August 2010)

Sushi House Hayakawa
Type: Traditional Japanese, Sushi
Recommended dishes: Any of the small plates and sushi galore.
Vitals: 5979 Buford Hwy NE A10,
Relevant articles: The Glutton at large: Atlanta sushi roundup (February 2013)

Taqueria del Sol
Type: Mexican, Fusion
Recommended dishes: Enchiladas, fried shrimp taco, carnitas tacos, cheese dip, and salsas.
Vitals: 165 Cheshire Bridge Rd., 404-321-1118.

The reuben at The General Muir.

The reuben at The General Muir.

The General Muir
Type: Modern Jewish deli, New American
Recommended dishes: Poutine, cheeseburger, turkey sandwich, salmon and eggs, pastrami sandwich, and baked goods.
Vitals: 1540 Avenue Pl B-230, Atlanta, 678-927-9131.
Relevant articles: First look: The General Muir (March 2013)

Type: Modern Japanese, Sushi
Recommended dishes: Nigiri.
Vitals: 3630 Peachtree Blvd #140, Atlanta, 404-835-2708.
Relevant articles: The Glutton at large: Atlanta sushi roundup (February 2013)

True Food Kitchen
Type: Fusion, New American, Healthy
Recommended dishes: Crudites, shiitake and tofu lettuce cups, sesame noodles with shrimp, sandwiches, and roast chicken.
Vitals: 3393 Peachtree Road Northeast, 404-481-2980.

Type: Upscale sushi and Japanese
Recommended dishes: Crispy tuna rice, rock shrimp tempura, nigiri, and desserts.
Vitals: 3050 Peachtree Road, 404-841-0040,
Relevant articles: First Look: Umi (July 2013)

The Nana's pizza at Varasano's.

The Nana’s pizza at Varasano’s.

Varasano’s Pizzeria
Type: Neopolitan pizza
Recommended dishes: Nana’s pizza, margherita, house salad, and meatballs.
Vitals: 2171 Peachtree Rd NE, 404-352-8216.

Wright’s Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe
Type: Deli and bakery
Recommended dishes: Chocolate cake, lemon cake, and coconut cake. Also, sandwiches.
Vitals: 5482 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, 770-396-7060.
Relevant articles: Glutton at Large: Cake

*This list was organized alphabetical not in order of preference.

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