The Bliss List: 2009

posted on January 1, 2010 at 8:33 am
The Bliss List: 2009

Around this time of year, tons of “best of” lists pop up all over the web. They’re useful if you like to stay on top of what’s new, but I don’t like to do such lists for The Blissful Glutton. I don’t only eat at new restaurants.

My annual “Bliss List” is a compilation of all the old and new spots I went to the most in the past year. Is there no better testament to a place than multiple return visits? I think not.

So, without further ado, I present you with my favorite haunts of 2009 in no particular order.

How many have you been to?


Hot and numbing craziness at Tasty China, a San Gennaro pie and cannoli at Antico Pizza Napoletana, convivial dining and Japanese homestyle grub at Shoya Izakaya and Al’s quirky hospitality and gorgeous Turkish salads at Cafe Agora.
The Bliss List: 2009
Gut-bomb madness at Fox Bros. BBQ, craveable comfort food at Carver’s Grocery, the massive menu of Mexican dishes at Taqueria Oaxaqueña and Korean milk toast from White Windmill (or any other bakery that makes it).
The unrivaled Tonkotsu ramen at Yakitori Jinbei, ooey gooey cheeseteaks at Roy’s Cheesesteaks, snappy dogs and sweet homemade onion rings at Barker’s and perfect petit fours from Rhodes Bakery.
The Bliss List: 2009
Any meal at Holeman & Finch Public House that included the burger or carbonara, bbq noodles and rice at Ming’s BBQ, awesome burgers in a cool setting at Grindhouse Killer Burgers and thinly sliced brisket cooked over charcoal at Hanil Kwan.
The Bliss List: 2009
Chef Bruce Logue’s Italian deliciousness at La Pietra Cucina, anything from Octane Coffee, a chopped vegetable salad and New York Strip from BLT Steak, and lemon pepper wings at Jamal’s Buffalo Wings.
The Bliss List: 2009
David Sweeney’s vegetarian masterpieces at Dynamic Dish, the spaghetti and meatballs at Shaun’s pasta night, the farm egg appetizer and braised rabbit at Miller Union and a pristine bowl of Chirashi Don from Sushi House Hayakawa.
The Bliss List: 2009
Kamal Grant’s sinfully Sublime doughnuts, pork belly and taro casserole at Wan Lai, the burger at Bocado and shopping, lunch and general food porn at Star Provisions.

The Bliss List: 2009 Map

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  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: Sean · January 1, 2010  9:35 AM

    I still need to go to about half of these places… I'm hungry again.

    Do you like the White Windmill white bread best when it comes to Korean bakeries? I tend to go between Mozart and White Windmill.

    Happy New Year Bliss!

  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · January 1, 2010  3:03 PM

    Thanks, Sean!

    Re: Korean bread, I like both of those bakery's versions–no preference. It's all good!

    Happy New Year.

  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: David · January 2, 2010  9:23 AM

    15 of 28… not bad, not great.

    thanks for a year of great suggestions!

  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: Fat Bastard · January 4, 2010  3:52 PM

    I'm drooling!

  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: roguewino · March 7, 2010  12:30 AM

    Great List! Now I have a list too 🙂

  • Re: The Bliss List: 2009
    posted by: Ken Edelstein · March 18, 2010  6:23 PM

    Mmmm. Don’t torture me at dinner time.

    How about lemon grass tofu at Chateau Saigon?

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