Thank U Chicken crushes Atlanta’s Korean fried chicken game

posted on May 19, 2017 at 8:59 am
The Thank U Chicken at Thank U Chicken. PHOTOGRAPH BY TED GOLDEN.

The Thank U Chicken at Thank U Chicken.

About ten years ago, Korean fried chicken became a bona fide American trend, and Atlanta’s vibrant Korean restaurant community jumped right on board. KFC joints (“Korean fried chicken,” not a certain Kentucky-based fast food chain), once clustered mainly in Duluth, popped up all over Atlanta. But as the hype faded, most of those spots closed, and the question of where to get super crunchy KFC in Atlanta became a little bit of a fruitless hunt. I stopped seeking it out—and stopped craving it.

But on a trip to Seoul a few weeks ago, I found that Korean fried chicken (or is it just fried chicken there?) was still very much a thing. I ate my fair share in a variety of styles, many times accompanied with a tall mug of frosty beer (some restaurants even sold frozen beer) or highly potent soju (a clear Korean liquor). When I got back to Atlanta, I just couldn’t shake that KFC craving, so I visited relative newcomer Thank U Chicken, located in Duluth, with hopes I could reclaim some of that late-night pleasure of tearing through a platter of crispy seasoned bird. I was not disappointed.

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