Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta

posted on October 30, 2006 at 10:30 am

I wish I could take credit for this find but alas, I cannot. Local chowhounder, Steve Drucker, found this place a while back and has been going quite often. I hosted a group last week for dinner. We had a group of 10 people and more dishes than I can count. It was $16 per person after tip and tax. What a steal! Steve Drucker also organized a group of 12 for lunch the same week. I tried very many dishes as you can imagine and feel I got a very good sense for what the place has to offer.

Fish and Soft (house made) Tofu. Very good. Spicy. Must be eaten with steamed rice to fully appreciate the taste and textures.

Dry Fried Eggplant. Best thing I have eaten in a while. Spicy. Unbelievably well-spiced and not bitter at all.

Roasted Fish in spicy sauce. Very good. The fish was not as fresh as I would have liked but it was still quite good.

Fried Shrimp and cilantro balls ringed with seeded cucumber. Off the menu. Great crunchiness and not oily at all.

Hot boiled beef. Very spicy. Yummy with steamed rice and great texture.

Green Beans With Ground Olives. Better than I thought it would be. Perfectly cooked and the olives were a surprisingly tasty addition.

Duck soup with glass noodles, shaved turnip and shitake mushroom from New Menu. Not spicy at all. Not my favorite dish but other seemed to enjoy it.

Purses of pressed tofu filled with shrimp. Quite interesting textures and flavors. Must eat in one bite.

Scallion Bread (#11). I cannot get enough of this stuff. I think they folded some cinnamon into the layers. I could eat the whole loaf.

Small Fish. #51. Delicious and crisp little morsels. They were gone before I could back for more.

Fish and Cilantro rolls. My favorite aside from the eggplant. The coriander just sets it off.

Pork (pork belly) With Garlic Mud. Piece of pork belly in an earthy and spicy sauce served cold.

Verdict: A must try. Great Chinese food for a low, low price. Stay away from the Americanized menu and buffet. A true jewel if you are into this type of cuisine.


Address: 585 Franklin Rd SE, Marietta, GA
Phone: (770) 419-9849
Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan

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  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · November 1, 2006  1:49 PM

    Thanks for the feedback! These are always good things to know…I was trying out a new method with the pics. Guess it did not work. Will change tonight after dinner.

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: biskuit · November 1, 2006  8:23 PM

    Where’s the “hot and numbing beef roll”!? Actually I see it off to the side of one of the fish dishes, but wishing there was a “star shot” of it to rekindle my tastebud memories.

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Anonymous · November 3, 2006  4:43 AM

    Hi! I love your blog, too. We ate here last nite — the food was very tasty and the service was sweet. I have a feeling the owners have had a surge in business, thanks to you and the posts on chowhound — they asked us several times if we were “from the internet” groups. We even tried the curried pig’s feet, and I’m pleased to cross that must-try off my list. Thanks again for the rec, bliss!

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Cathy · November 7, 2006  11:07 AM

    Wow, your pictures came out really well. Much better than mine. I know everyone is busy with the holidays coming up, but is there any chance of us going out for dim sum or Indian food in the near future?

    Cathy from

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: nlocco · November 11, 2006  8:04 AM

    … makes me hungry. as always find teams in food blog community @

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Dunrie · December 26, 2006  10:38 AM

    Wow! We bookmarked this post and went to Tasty China when we visited my sister in Marietta. Mmmmmmmm!
    We tried the fish/cilantro rolls, pork belly with garlic mud, and the hot and numbing beef rolls for an appetizer. The entrees were fried rice for the 3-year-old, dried fried eggplant (eggplant french fries), chen cang diced beef, princess tofu (homemade tofu cakes with shrimp inside), and pork meat balls.
    The chen cang diced beef was unlike anything we’d ever tried before–spice encrusted and mmmmmmm.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Andrew · June 21, 2007  12:36 PM

    I went here last night (6/20/07) for the first time not knowing Chef Chang had left months ago. I’m happy to report that I was pleased none-the-less. The only “miss” was a minced beef appetizer that lacked freshness. A spicy lamb entree was great, and my favorite was a whole fried tilapia dressed with a vegetable sauce.

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: catalonia_blondie · July 19, 2008  10:22 PM

    This is the BEST Chinese food I have ever eaten! I ordered off the Sichuan section in the back of the menu. We had pumpkin cakes, fried dried string beans, fried eggplant, something similar to Kung Pao Shrimp, and pork with bamboo shoots. It was all amazing! My favorite had to be the fried eggplant, which were almost like fat eggplant fries. They are spicy and something you have definitely never had before. I would go back there at least once a week if I could make it there. There are so many more things I would love to try.

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Kami · June 30, 2009  7:49 AM

    Went yesterday for lunch which we often do. Had the dried fried eggplant, the chicken with mushrooms 3 ways, the hot and numbing tofu, and the beef with leaks. All were excellent EXCEPT the fact that when checking out I noticed the food score from Cobb County. A SIXTY-SEVEN out of 100. Ahhhh!!! I checked online and their April 2009 score was a 71. Not much better. The waitress tried to lie and say they had a better score of 80 or so. Yeah right. I was pretty sick later that night to prove it. Goodbye Tasty China. It's been nice knowing you. Yeck!

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: James · July 20, 2009  2:26 AM

    I thought dinner tonight at Tasty China was very good. Loved all of the hot numbing dishes. Even the more pedestrian Cantonese dishes were well executed. Pork with sour cabbage was great. Eggplant was super good. Tendon was delicious. These guys know how to cook. I would recommend this place to anyone. As far as the issue with the H.D. score… Have you ever eaten street food in the U.S. or any other country? That low score could be due to broken floor tiles, maybe a little mildew on the ice machine, who knows… I had a great meal. When you eat out you put your palate and well being in the hands of the chef. Whether it's a hot dog cart or a five-star. Choose your level of risk. Maybe it was just a little over abundance of chiles that had your stomache acting up.

  • Re: Tasty China Restaurant: Marietta
    posted by: Anonymous · November 4, 2009  8:32 AM

    We went for lunch and it was busy! Unfortunately, the food was lackluster. We had our usual – dry fried eggplant, dry fried string beans and crispy shredded beef. The eggplant was fried beautifully – crisp on the outside and very soft inside – but the numbing peppers were not there! Typically, the peppers would mix with the oil from frying and create a wonderful orange coating, but not this time. The green beans were okay – but still missing something and way too salty. And finally, the beef was crispy – but the sauce was cloyingly sweet and lacked the depth of flavor that we had previously known. We asked the waitress if the cook had changed – she said no. I'm going to give it one more try on a weekend – when I hope they are putting out their best. I love this place, but it is slowly going downhill from my perspective.

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