Tartine Bakery: San Francisco (The Mission)

posted on February 20, 2008 at 7:38 pm
Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
My posts are getting shorter and shorter–sorry. All this eating, walking and partying with friends really takes it out of a girl! One of my last stops, before a birthday dinner for my friends at someone’s house, was lunch at my beloved Tartine Bakery. Man, the lines at this place have gotten even longer! I didn’t think that was possible. But, the wait is soooo worth it when you are talking about baked items this good.
Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
Indie chicks working the case

Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
Some items from the bakery case

Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
Chocolate soufflé cake

Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
Gorgeous chocolate chip meringues

Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
Cookies–smaller version available in bags to take home

Tartine Bakery: San Francisco
The reason I came: the “croque-monsieur” with ham, tomatoes, Béchamel sauce, cheese and their coveted country French bread (it sells out so fast you have to get their an hour before they come out of the oven–seriously). These things are just plain evil and I blame them for making me fat when I was living in SF (joking, of course). They are just insane and I love the pickled veggies that come on the side instead of chips. I also got a side salad of baby gem lettuce dressed simply. The perfect meal. I also grabbed some cookies as a thank you for my friend’s roomie for letting me stay at their place and some coconut macaroons for the sweet fiends in my life.

Address: 600 Guerrero St. (18th)
Phone: (415) 487-2600

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