Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway

posted on August 29, 2008 at 6:18 am
Sushi House: BuHi
Distance was the only thing preventing me from visiting this Buford Highway newcomer. But I finally rallied last night and I am so glad I did. Not to take anything away from my fave sushi joint, Taka, but this restaurant is just plain amazing. The menu is completely Japanese and the owner/chef is very friendly and quite funny–he was enraptured with my camera and took a few shots with it. After scanning the menu–which has many hard-to-find authentic Japanese items–I immediately ordered a mess of small plates you really don’t see much of in Atlanta sushi spots.
Sushi House: BuHi
Geso karaage: Crunchy, fried squid legs in a very flavorful batter and a little dollop of Japanese mayo for dipping. 
Sushi House: BuHi
Grilled geso: Yes, more squid legs–I love them. Chewy, brushed with a gorgeous glaze and Japanese mayo always takes everything up a notch. 
Sushi House: BuHi
Kana cream korokke: I cannot say enough about these. I was literally moaning with each bite. Yeah, they are just fried creamy things, but perfect ones. I am craving them right now. 
Sushi House: BuHi

Given all the praise the restaurant’s rice has received, I opted for the chef’s chirashi ($30) so I could get some fish and the rice. The fish was amazingly fresh and the rice was really, really perfect. The ikura (salmon roe) marinated in mirin were a beautiful touch and the slight sweetness was a new experience for me. The tamago was also excellent, just the right amount of sweetness and the right density.

Sushi House: BuHi
Moon got the sushi and sashimi combo ($45) and it was a real steal. He proclaimed it “the best sushi I have had in a long while.” I ended up finishing the last few pieces of gorgeous nigiri being the glutton and sushi freak that I am. 
Verdict: An overall wonderful sushi experience and I will definitely be back. Actually thinking of taking my equally Japanese cuisine crazed sister this weekend. Call ahead for reservations if you want to sit at the sushi bar. 
Address: 5979 Buford Hwy., International Plaza, #A-10
Phone: (770) 986-0010

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  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: shbarthelemy · August 31, 2008  5:36 PM

    Hubby and I will have to try this, but our fave hands down in Yoon Sushi up in Canton. Quite the trek, but sooooo worth it! Incredibly fresh, masterfully created and just scrumptious. The Chicago roll is just the tastiest thing. I had one that hubby ordered and was smitten – crunchy, spicy, bright. In one word: perfect. At the end of our meal, Chef Yoon sent over a plate of perfectly executed tuna tartare. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about our meal there!

  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Trip · September 2, 2008  3:18 PM

    I had a very similar experience with Chef Hayakawa. The sushi was excellent and the grilled squid legs were incredible. My wife tried the dumplings and proclaimed them as good as Pung Mei but more Japanese in style. I love the way he serves saki in the Japanese tradition, with the cup overflowing. We discussed the way the internet has helped his business. He said most of his customers were Japanese before the word went out on the net how great his food is. After our meal he gave us a tour of the karaoke bar next door.

  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Hc000 · September 2, 2008  6:45 PM

    I have also been there. I had the special aji sashimi, it was excellent. They also deep fried the bones after we were done. Their Hamachi Kama was also good. There is also a samon roe + uni on rice, it was very different because the samon roe was sweet.

    overall a good experience.

  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Unagi · September 20, 2008  1:38 PM

    I have been here twice and had two very different experiences. Although both times the restaurant was very busy, the first time our Japanese friend was able to get a good service from the staff. As already commented, the quality of the fish is very good. The uniqueness of Japanese whiskey outshines the possible superiority of the whiskey. The omakase was inventive.

    The second time we were there, the line waiting to be seated was about 10 minute long. However, the organization of the restaurant, from taking the order to processing the dishes, to coordination of beverages, completely broke down. Two hours afterwards, and many satisfied Japanese patrons served, we still did not get our entre.

    Hopefully, the restaurant and Chef Hayakama will be able to adapt to the popular demands of the Atlantans. Otherwise, bring a Japanese friend along.

  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · November 5, 2008  8:35 AM

    so i thought i would try this restaurant out and give them a try…. the sushi was very fishy and was not fresh the flounder was the most awful thing i have ever tasted, i took one bite and i had to spit it out. maybe this was just a fluke for the one day but why did it have to be me. oh the service man i had better servers at kani house.i dont think ill be back for quite a while.

  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · January 2, 2009  9:48 PM

    I have not eaten at Hayakawa yet so I can’t comment but my family always keeps returning to Haru Ichiban for chirashi supreme for $29.50. You get all the top quality fish – oo-toro(fatty tuna), uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), ika (squid), amaebi (raw sweet shrimp), mirugai (giant clam), scallops, hamachi (yellow tail), tai (red sea brim), etc. We went on Christmas and it was superb. Very fresh and generous portions of uni and ikura. They changed ownership recently but retained all the same chefs.


  • Re: Sushi House Hayakawa: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · January 8, 2009  1:42 PM

    Maybe it’s the beautiful pictures you’ve taken and mostly positive reviews on various blogs, I’ve decided to give this place a try while on our trip to ATL. Got lucky really, went on a Sunday evening after Xmas, which was told they’re usually closed on Sunday.
    Only about 6 tables that night so Chef Art was mingling with everybody as you described. Ordered grilled whole squid and the $65 Deluxe Chef’s Choice Course. Can’t resist splurging a bit since our trip to ATL is rare.
    Grill squid appetizer was delicious!! Texture was pleasantly good, not too chewy or soft, eating it with dab of Kewpie was different for me.

    The course was indeed expensive, but the quality and presentation was excellent to our taste. Everything tasted the way a fine sushi house should be.
    The only minor negative was the dessert…it boggled my mind that they served simple fruit instead of something like mochi ice cream or red bean dessert.

    Besides the food, the main reason we had the best time in a sushi house ever was purely because of Chef Art. He had the time to stop by and chat with us in between every course. Very funny man! 🙂 That itself made the place unique and fun, so much so we lost track of time as we spent atleast 2 hours there.
    That night was probably special because it wasn’t busy as other described. Would definitely go back there again! And next time, will go with single orders to try more sushi.

    *Jennifer, he said you were sneaky 😀 !

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