Star Provisions expansion underway again

posted on October 13, 2006 at 5:42 am

Joel Silverman is a local photographer, foodie and quite the accomplished home cook (the kind of home cook that makes rose water ice cream for his friends on their birthday). He had the following to report on Star Provisions:

“There are some changes at Star Provisions. Lynn Sawicki (who was great and super-knowledgeable) left as manager of the butcher counter (she is still there on weekends) to open a food shop in Decatur (still in concept stage). The new meat manager is the Chef de Cuisine of Provisions to Go (I forgot his name) who says that the long-planned conversion of the gift shop room behind the cash registers into a full-fledged charcuterie room is about a month away. Bacchanalia makes a lot of salumi and other yummies that they haven’t been selling in the front for lack of space. I can’t wait to be able to buy it. They will also be experimenting with offfering more (and different kinds than before) fish if they can develop enough market for it so that they can turn it over quickly.”

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