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posted on April 4, 2006 at 4:25 am

I finally got to spoon for lunch week and I hate to say it but i was pretty disappointed. I ordered the corn cakes, the tom yum soup, and the noodles with basil. The corn cakes were good although the sauce tasted like it came from a jar and was way too sweet. The soup had nice plump mushrooms and chicken in it. However, the broth was way too sweet for me and ruined the dish. I could not finish it. My noodles were nice and spicy but there were charred bits and a large pool of oil at the bottom. The spring rolls that came with the meal were bland and oily. they tasted like spring rolls with bland cabbage and pepper…weird. I was not super-impressed with the food. Would like to try the curry and one of their fish dishes but don’t think I will be rushing back to do so. I do have to say the service was tops and the space is very cool.

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  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: tami · April 4, 2006  6:47 AM

    i’ve had two lunches – both take out – from spoon in the past couple of weeks..and had two very different experiences. one was the green curry, which was still excellent. the other, which was the beef salad, was not very good. i think the quality is slipping from my initial visits, which sucks.

    back to panita thai kitchen, i guess…

  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: Dave · April 5, 2006  5:34 PM

    I actually had a decent curry at Spoon a couple weeks back, maybe I got lucky.

    I’m with you on Panita…delicious.

  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · April 7, 2006  11:29 AM

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  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: Kat · February 1, 2008  5:31 AM

    I’ve never had lunch at Spoon but I’ve had dinner several times and it’s always been top notch every time. the double soft shell crabs in panaang curry and the basil lamb are to die for. desserts are a must as well. fresh mango with sticky rice and chocolate caramel mousse are among the best in the city!

  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: stephanie · April 18, 2008  1:45 PM

    I am a personal fan of Spoon’s curry dishes (panang) as well as their golden red snapper (although it is just their ginger stir fry on a sizzling platter with fish). Sometimes the fish gets burnt but when done right (usually the case), it melts in your mouth in a sweet gooey sauce made of ginger, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.

  • Re: Spoon: Atlanta
    posted by: Jennifer · January 12, 2010  1:01 PM

    Maybe I just don't know good curry, but everything seemed way too sweet. All the curries are really sweet, the pad thai was way too sweet. The only thing I've had that was perfect was the coconut soup with chicken or tofu.

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