Speaking of Cakes & Ale…

posted on June 30, 2008 at 7:09 am

My oldest (and dearest) friend was in town for a girls’ weekend which meant I had to take her to all my current favorite spots in Atlanta. So, we hit Cakes & Ale for a quick meal with Moonie. The place was packed as it has been every time I have stopped by. Moon got the chilled cucumber soup and steak while I had the beet salad and the crispy, roasted chicken over cabbage. My friend, B, was suffering from meat-fatigue from our two burger extravaganza the night before so she got two salads. We all ordered beers from their solid list which went well with our meal–especially the arancini which has to be one of my favorite fried foods in the city right now. We ended the meal with a french press and the phatty cakes which are as good as reported before heading out for a night of utter debauchery. Turns out that sommelier extraordinaire, Greg Koetting, will be starting work here this week so we can look forward to a fabulous wine list (not that there is anything wrong with it now) to go along with the restaurant’s simple and soulful food. Click here for my full review from my previous visit.
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  • Re: Speaking of Cakes & Ale…
    posted by: Anonymous · June 30, 2008  12:35 PM

    We (two couples) ate there recently and were very disappointed. It was a weekday and we ate at 8:30pm. It took our server 20 minutes to come to our table. I got the cucumber soup which while good was not at all worth $7. The chicken was indeed good but my girlfriend got the vegetable dish which didnt seem fresh and was over priced for what was served. The other couple reported their food was good, but not great. The beer list does look good but this place isnt anything special. I would not be running back. Its typical of a the 3 star (out of 5) food that proliferates the Atlanta area. Comparing this place to anywhere good in SF is insluting to SF…

  • Re: Speaking of Cakes & Ale…
    posted by: Anonymous · August 13, 2008  12:08 PM

    I have been somewhat disappointed in this place as well. Service is a bit inconsistent and the price isn’t necessarily justified. Add to that, their beer selection if fair, but incredibly overpriced. You can get the same selection, in a larger glass, at a cheaper price a few doors over at Taco Mac. Yes, it’s not in the same league, but…$6/beer is a bit steep. On the positive side, they do have a very good wine list.

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