Some new local blogs worth checking out

posted on May 4, 2008 at 6:00 am
While it seems everyone and their mother has started an Atlanta restaurant review blog, I get excited when I come across local websites that focus on a specific cuisine, item or point of view. When it comes to opinions about restaurants, the more the merrier (taste is so subjective), but websites that educate are so few and far between. For instance, I met someone who was considering starting a Korean cooking blog. Don’t know if he ever did…  
I got an email from Brian Carmel who refers to himself as “The Ice Cream Fellow.” I am really digging his site. He wrote the following about his new ice cream-centric blog: 

I have started a blog dedicated to the art of making ice cream. All my recipes are my own, but I do receive inspiration from other recipes. For instance my latest post is for Jack and Ginger ice cream which I tasted at Bluepointe. My philosophy is too provide a more technical look at home ice cream making because most cookbooks gloss over the tricks and theory behind what makes a particular recipe successful. I also try to push the boundaries of flavor. Although I do discuss the ubiquitous flavors such as vanilla and strawberry, most of my ice creams are unique. One example of this is mango-lime ice cream with gingered carrots. 

Jason Molinari, a local cooking enthusiast with a serious passion for cured meats, has been journaling his experiments at home on his blog, “Cured Meats.” I wish he would post more…
Even chefs are getting in the game…
My favorite sushi chef, Taka Moriuchi, has started a (very) new blog with just a few entries, but I am sure he’ll take us for a fun ride if it is anything like his quirky newsletter. 
Chef Michael Touhy of Woodfire Grill, one of Atlanta’s most devoted advocates of the local and seasonal food movement, has his own blog “The Front Burner.”   
Let me know of any other cool sites I should check out…
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  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: Amy · May 4, 2008  5:27 PM

    I also maintain a food blog, focused on Atlanta and other places I travel. I was also able to get an article in the AJC last week for the Southern Recipe Restoration Project – my grandma’s slaw recipe. Check out my blog at

  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: Mike · May 5, 2008  6:44 AM

    BBQ is the subject of my blog. I’m trying to figure out the best way to fuse classical cooking technique and presentation with BBQ. Check it out at There are also a couple local restaurant reviews, a GA map of BBQ restaurants, and other fun stuff.

  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: Anonymous · May 5, 2008  11:34 AM

    Most of the local restaurant/food boards are ego trips for trained chimps with poorly focused cameras. Shoddy videos. Inane reviews. Total hacks.

    The Blissful Glutton has the best site, and has set the standard.
    Pretenders step aside.

    keep up the fantastic work BG!

  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: SPEAKEASY · May 7, 2008  6:01 AM

    i’ve got to agree that most of the food blogs in atlanta are done by hacks. how many richard blais admiration videos do we need? i wish some of the people who get rowdy and run with tweezers would fall and get a steak in the head. and the worst is the politics of local food sites. anyone ever wonder how many comments on atlanta cuisine get deleted.

  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: Hal Boyd · May 19, 2008  4:36 PM

    Try the blog of local artist and furniture maker, Tracy Hartley @ He writes about food, music, travel, style, all with a southern touch. Enjoy,
    –Hal Boyd

  • Re: Some new local blogs worth checking out
    posted by: asata (a.k.a. Life Chef) · June 19, 2008  5:52 PM

    Check out a healthy approach to great tasting food at I’m trying my best to keep it local and “keep it real.”

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