So Kong Dong: Atlanta

posted on November 12, 2005 at 8:09 am
I love Korean food and am always looking for places to add to my rotation. I ventured over to So Kong Dong for lunch on Saturday with my sister. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and does not feel like your average Korean establishment. The menu is straightforward and there are many things to chose from. We ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap which was served in a beautiful stone pot just sizzling with all of its yummy goodness. We also ordered the Acorn noodles and BBQ platter. They waitress brought out the standard Korean nibbles but there was also a platter of noodles and fried fish for each of us. The food was sublime. Fresh and well-prepared. The tables also have their own call button so you don’t have to wave obnoxiously for your server’s attention. They make their own tofu in-house every day and everyone seems to order the tofu soup. We didn’t but will next time. I am going to go back again and again.


Address: 5280 C Buford Highway
Phone:(678) 205-0555
So Kong Dong on Urbanspoon
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  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: Joel Silverman · November 18, 2005  1:23 PM

    I just went there too — the seafood soup was so yummy, and the short ribs were as good as any Korean BBQ I’ve had on Buford Highway. What a good find.


  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · December 16, 2005  4:28 PM

    We’ve been to So Kong Dong several times…absolutely our favorite Korean in Atlanta. Not only is the food great (get either Tofu Dolsot Bibimbap or Tofu soup/bbq combo), but there is clear evidence of effort on the part of the owners to put a bit of “love” into the place, e.g. korean antiques on the walls, etc.

  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: JC · July 17, 2007  2:12 PM

    Hey have you been to ChoDang Tofu house on buford hwy? That place has pretty good tofu stew.

  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · July 20, 2007  4:06 PM

    Yes, I have. I have never had the stew, though. Will check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: Anonymous · June 10, 2008  10:51 AM

    I am a Buford Hwy regular and this is by far the best tofu house. Try the seafood pancake. The seafood dumpling tofu soup is also very good. If you are hungry and want immediate satisfaction go here…..great kimchee

  • Re: So Kong Dong: Atlanta
    posted by: ayan · November 9, 2009  4:31 AM

    We just tried it for the first time last night and I assume you the quality of both service and food is fantastic. I especially appreciated the waitress explaining exactly how to eat all the dishes – tactfully and helpfully, not in a condescending way. It was nice to know that the fried fish we've seen at several Korean restaurants is yellow croaker, and that it's permissible to scrape it with your spoon OR pick out the flesh with chopsticks. They have some dishes I haven't seen at my standard Korean joints. The tofu and bean paste soup with beef was thick, pillowy and sublime.

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