Snapshot: Element Gastro Lounge

posted on June 3, 2007 at 7:57 pm
Although Element has only been opened for a little under 2 weeks, I am just too excited to keep my big mouth shut. Before I say anything, I must (in the interest of full disclosure) tell you that I have shared a meal with Chef Richard Blais before. However, my dear readers, you know I don’t lie about food. I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

My first visit to Element was for Brunch in the first week and it was lovely. The sweetbread hash is delightfully complex and the silky caramel sauce that accompanied my sous-vide egg on buttery toast was inspired and absolutely perfect. I enjoyed brunch so much, that I went for dinner last Thursday with a couple of friends. We opted for the tasting menu and just let Chef Blais run with it. We ate a lot of food, but there were some standouts. Notable dishes are the carbonara style pasta with berkshire pork, sous-vide egg, and freeze-dried peas, the fried fish with “some tartare sauce,” and the oxtail terrine. Their margaritas aren’t too shabby either and they pack a serious punch.

I am kind of itching to go back already. If it is this good in the first couple of weeks I can’t imagine how it will be in a month when the kitchen gets comfortable in its new digs-look for a proper review and photos then.

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  • Re: Snapshot: Element Gastro Lounge
    posted by: Anonymous · June 5, 2007  8:50 PM

    We were almost ships passing in the night! I read your blog and took your recommendation on my birthday Monday, June 4th by going to the Buford Hwy location of this restaurant. Next time try the crispy wrapped shrimp from the appetizer section and I couldn’t resist a frozen avocado drink to go! Thank you for sharing your knowledge – keep up the good work!

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